The benefits of electric & hydronic heating systems

by Tania Wannenburg
Warmup benefits of electric and hydronic heating Jnl 5 16

Warmup’s products are unique in that they create heat through electric or hydronic heating systems.

For those whose tastes lean toward the latest trend of hard flooring, but are concerned about cold floors in winter, Warmup offers the ideal solution. Combining style and comfort, Warmup’s electric or hydronic heating systems suit all types of floorcoverings, from concrete or screeded surfaces to plush carpets, stylish tiles and vinyls.

Their electric and water-based hydronic heating systems are particularly suited to the South African environment where temperature changes can be sudden and severe. Northern hemisphere seasons are more predictable and consistent. The South African climate requires a more sophisticated approach to temperature control and requires faster reaction times to compensate for rapid temperature changes.

Bearing this in mind, Warmup has developed and introduced various methods of achieving such control, including advanced programmable thermostatic controls that are able to adapt to personal and environmental requirements, and very effective insulation products, which not only saves money on running costs, but ensures fast heating times with minimal loss of heat.

Radiant floor heating is particularly suited to working environments such as warehousing and healthcare facilities where any unnecessary obstruction caused by heating radiators pose a safety hazard.

A further benefit in healthcare facilities is the gentle underfoot warmth that emanates from such heating, while not producing any intense direct heating hot-spots which can cause discomfort to those too near to the heat source while depriving others further away. The gentle radiant-type heating produced by underfloor heating also has benefits for those with respiratory problems in that it does not produce vortexes of hot air which are associated with convection heating. These currents stir-up dust and are inhaled as they float around the room. Patients suffering from arthritis in their legs, feet and ankles have also found relief from radiant floor heating.

The numerous benefits of electric or hydronic heating systems make Warmup products ideal for any floorcovering when seeking to create a warm surface according to the specific needs that are unique to the South African climate.

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