Fliptile is a revolutionary carpet tile designed and manufactured in South Africa that now makes quality carpeting accessible to all DIY-inspired, creatively-minded, budget conscious South Africans.

Its unique patented shape makes DIY installation simple and cost-effective, and allows anybody to create durable, comfortable flooring that is attractive, convenient, and flexible.

The unrivalled potential behind this world-first carpet tile lies in its shape and user-friendly DIY installation. Consumers require no flooring installation skills and the bitumen-backed carpet tiles connect to each other with reusable stickers allowing for easy adding, changing, moving or replacing. The edges of each Fliptile do not fray or lift, so consumers can start by building a small rug and gradually add tiles to carpet an entire room as best suits their needs.

Belgotex Flip Tile Kids Room

CEO, Edward Colle explains, “Fliptile allows warmth, comfort, colour and love into every single home with very little barrier to entry. They can be self-assembled over practically any hard, level surface – even ceramic tiles.

A Fliptile floor is also an adaptable investment into soft flooring. “They can be moved from room to room, or even between homes since they are not glued to the floor and are fully reusable” says Edward.

A pack of 8 Fliptiles (1m2 ), launches at an affordable market entry price of R399 m2 incl. VAT available in easily transportable packs from selected retailers.

Fliptile also offers an interactive online store featuring inspiring patterns and possibilities. Consumers are able to order their choice of 8 complimentary Fliptile colours for any given floor area, conveniently delivered to their door.

As CCO Evan Lockhart-Barker states, “Fliptile sits perfectly within our commercial strategy to identify and unlock new market sectors. The DIY customer is craving creativity and personalisation for self-expression, particularly when it comes to flooring options. Our new product, Fliptile, is a significant step towards making flooring accessible to all South Africans.” Fliptile launches to the public on 13 June 2022.

For further information, contact Fliptile:
Website: www.fliptile.co.za
Mel Dwyer:
Email: marketing@belgotex.co.za

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