A large home in a residential suburb was in dire need of having the roof repainted. After having postponed the much-needed renovation for 3 years, the homeowners wanted a quick, but effective solution to protect their home and interior from the harsh Gauteng weather.

After some research, they decided on Marley M22 Ultimo.

Marley M22 Ultimo is a premium, ready-to-spray, multi-surface exterior paint with a 15-year quality guarantee. Formulated with next-generation polymers, it has extreme durability, superior adhesion and flexibility – making it the ideal paint application for the harshest exterior surfaces, such as roofs, paving, walls and trims.

M22 Ultimo is available in 5 and 10 litres paint pails in the following 9 colours: Amber, Brown, Emerald Green, Midnight Black, Moreland Green, Red, Slate, Terracotta and White.

Ease of application

Application methods range between brush, roller or spray application. For airless spray application, at 110-120Ku, it is suggested to use a spray tip of 21 or 23 thou tip and a pressure setting of about 3 000 PSI- circa 200 Bar. If it does not spray easily, increase the tip size and pressure.


Apply two to three finishing coats to new and previously painted surfaces. Note that new surfaces and exposed raw surfaces need to be prepared and primed before applying Marley M22 Ultimo.


The quantity of paint required to coat a roof can be obtained by measuring the floor area of the house covered by the roof, including the overhang. An additional allowance of +30% must be made for the pitch of the roof, plus 30% for the profile (shape of roof tiles, corrugations etc.). Divide the total area by the spreading rate of the paint to give an indication of the paint requirements per coat. If M22 is used on roof tiles and M22 Ultimo is used as a primer coat on this surface, dilute 20% with water as a primer coat.

Case study

Building type: freestanding residential home
Area: 400m².
Product: Marley M22 Ultimo Premium Multi-Surface Exterior Paint.
Colour: White.


A team of two to four people prepped the roof for two days, fixing any possible leaks, fixing loose roof sheets, sanding down and wire brushing metal sheeting areas where rust was evident, scrubbing down the entire roof and priming where required. After that, two coats of white Marley M22 Ultimo Premium Multi-Surface Exterior Paint were applied within two days, due to the fast-drying time of the roof paint.

A successful result

The contractor, Rob comments: “This is a wonderful product to work with. No thinning was required, it covers evenly, and it is easy to work with on site with a brush, roller or spray gun. The quick drying time means it’s a quick in-and-out application and I could get to my other site quickly.”

The homeowner, Marlene van Rooyen, says: “As you can see, the repainting of the roof was long overdue, but we always pushed it out due to the cost, weather and the time it would take to complete.

I was also very particular about the product I wanted to use: It had to be a high-quality product in a colour I liked and one that didn’t need specialist skills, but rather just professional workmanship. I’m overjoyed by the end product! My roof was previously so ‘naked’, I’m almost embarrassed to show it. But it goes to show: no more leaking roof and it has added years to our structure! The range of colours is also impressive, but we decided to stick with white for the cool roof effect.”

For more information, contact Marley Roofing:
Tel: 010 600 0284
Email: info@marley.co.za
Website: www.marleyroofing.co.za

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