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by Darren
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Read these tips to become a better designer.

As a designer, you are constantly tasked with staying at the cutting edge of the industry. Design.sabs.co.za recently published an article with tips to help you to be a better designer. Here are a few noteworthy pointers that FLOORS in Africa Magazine thought were worth sharing:

Learn a new skill
There are so many resources available geared at helping people advance their education. Whether you only have time for self-study or are interested in a formal qualification, commit to a course that will boost your design skills. Creativemarket.com, for example, has a number of web-based tutorials that are geared for designers.

Get creative
A fun or personal project can also boost the skills that you use in your professional career. Get creative and embark on a project that will benefit you personally, such as updating your online portfolio or a side project that will help market a friend’s business.

Pursue a different creative project
If you rarely take photos or visit architectural sites, consider something out of the ordinary like this. Read a book, learn to play a new instrument or visit a museum to get a fresh look and perspective on life and creativity.

Organise your workspace
An uncluttered, well thought out work environment is the key to lasting efficiency and a clear mind. An organised work space will help you relax and think more clearly. Unclutter your desks, clean out old folders and files and create a system that makes your job easier.

Work with others
Many times, collaboration helps move a project forward. If you are stuck in a rut or are struggling to get a new take on an existing problem, consider reaching out to colleagues or other professionals in your field. Not only will this give you a better understanding of your challenge, it can help you complete a job quicker.

Set goals
It’s often difficult to think about new goals and possibilities if you are caught in the rat race of daily deadlines and professional obligations. Set new design goals for yourself today. Goals help you stay on track to achieving your personal and professional dreams. Remind yourself about your goals through sticky-notes, an inspiration board or daily reminders on your smart phone.

Think about the why
The best design projects focus on the needs of the client’s client. Think about the end user, their individual challenges and needs and how your client’s products or services can help make their lives better. Immerse yourself in the story of the end user’s life.

Ask for feedback
It’s common to sign off on a project and forget about it. To be a better designer, you need to be open to receiving criticism and feedback from clients. Ask for this type of feedback from co-workers, clients and other members of the design community.

Thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.design.sabs.co.za for the information contained in this article.

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