Beauty of feminine fortitude

by Darren
Wif Van Dyck Jnl 5 15

Women add unique characteristics to their role within an organisation, with their own personalities and values contributing to their career success.

“Tolerance, openness, respect for the individual and teamwork are the values I believe I instil in the environment I am working in,” enthuses Elize Jordaan from Van Dyck, who has been working in the flooring industry for 17 years.

She adds that her talent extends to creatively thinking outside the box, and offering the customers that she deals with in MassBuild the benefit of her extensive experience and her own unique attributes. “A women’s role might be the same, though differently executed by a man,” she continues. “As a woman, you offer different qualities such as a greater degree of finesse.”

In turn, Genevive Marsh, Specifications/Sales Executive, doesn’t see a difference between a man and woman’s role in business. “It is an equal playing field,” she highlights. Her personal values, which reflect her beliefs as an individual and a staff member of Van Dyck, are honesty and reliability.

According to Rita de Bruyn, Sales Executive at Van Dyck, women can fulfil most, if not all, leadership positions and are capable of achieving success as leaders in the business world. “Women provide a different approach and a fresh point of view in a supportive role,” she explains. “By imparting loyalty and integrity in everything I do, I represent values that are appreciated by Van Dyck and my fellow colleagues – an important factor if one takes into consideration the number of hours one spends at work every day.”

Rita reinforces that even though women fulfil the same roles as their male counterparts, there is still a degree of inequality towards women.

Heather Smit adds to this by stating that women have to work harder and smarter than men to be recognised in business and in society in general.

From an individual perspective, she believes in commitment, honesty and dedication to her role as Administration Assistant at Van Dyck. “I also believe that my personality plays a key role when considering the unique attributes that I add to the company as a woman,” she concludes.

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