The beauty of engineered oak flooring

by Tania Wannenburg

The numerous benefits of engineered oak flooring & MacNeil’s Real Oak Wood Flooring range.

Engineered Real Oak Wood Flooring is a brand offered by MacNeil’s new Flooring Division. This range is all about having a passion for timber oak flooring and being serious about minimising any impact on the environment. As a result, this range is made from an abundant, renewable and recyclable resource that is sustainable.

Engineered oak flooring is a bonding of real oak hardwood layer (wear layer) to a softwood layer (sub-structure) called multi-layer plywood. The top layer (lamella) is the wood that is visible when the flooring is installed, and is adhered to the core (or sub-structure) which provides the stability, making this method ideal for use in many conditions.

The wood grain of each ply runs perpendicular to the ply below it. Stability is therefore attained from using thin layers of wood that have counter balancing properties that maintain a flat surface through climatic change. The wood is further stabilised due to equal pressure being exerted length-wise and width-wise from the plies running perpendicular to each other. Engineered floors are supplied in two forms: unfinished and pre-finished.

Engineered oak floors are dimensionally more stable than solid wood floors and this stable construction results in minimal shrinkage or warping. These floors are easy to install and can be used on wood subfloors or dry concrete slabs. They can also be nailed, glued or laid as a ‘floating floor’ on underlay and should it be required, they can be sanded and refinished.

The benefits of engineered oak wood flooring, coupled with the aesthetic qualities of the collections available from MacNeil, make this product range both unique, functional and visually appealing.

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