Swartland wooden window and door manufacturers provides an overview of SpecNet, a system designed to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision.


Door and window manufacturing company, Swartland, has launched a new system called SpecNet. This free, online specification tool gives construction and design professionals the option to choose products that are perfect for the space in question.

The system can be accessed at www.swartland.co.za/specnet and it gives architects, specifiers and builders access to ArchiCAD objects and Revit solutions. From the sketch design right through to execution, Swartland windows and doors make SpecNet available freely to all registered users.

“The benefits of using the SpecNet application is that it has been designed by professionals, for professionals, and it aims to really simplify the specification process and save industry professionals time and money,” says Dylan Miller from Swartland. All the data has been provided by Modena and Large Architects, and can be saved at no cost into your own personal online library.

Product and design information can be accessed from the comfort of your own office thanks to this new technology. The drawings are also accompanied by their own individual U-values and SHGC-values prepared to fit into the plans, which ensures that all plans meet the SANS 10400-XA National Building requirements.

“All new buildings have to comply with these regulations, as must any additions and extensions to existing buildings that require planning approval from a local authority. These regulations are being strictly enforced through the mechanisms and procedures used to regulate new buildings, such as plan approval and certification at the completion of the contract,” said Miller.

In order to make sure the windows are compliant with the SANS 613 and 204 Fenestration Products Mechanical Performance Criteria, Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range of windows are tested for structural strength, deflection, air tightness, water resistance and operating forces, as well as the best possible energy-efficiency.

“All you have to do to use this nifty system is to go onto the website, www.swartland.co.za/specnet, click on the ‘Professionals’ banner and register. Then all the information you will ever need will be available to you for free,” concludes Miller.

Besides all the above-mentioned features, design professionals can also participate in discussion groups and read news and trend-worthy articles on the site.

SpecNet will allow users access to:
•    Smart-XA ready ArchiCAD objects, Revit families and intelligent schedules with product data.
•    A specification tool, as well as a drop-and-drag function.
•    A discussion forum with interactive expert advice.
•    True supplier content for an informed design concept.
•    Product documentation and certification.
•    Product catalogues.
•    A price estimation system.
•    Training and information sharing.
•    Product images for all ranges.

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