Hansgrohe innovators and PHOENIX have developed a vision for a sustainable bathroom that functions almost without water. The results achieved by an interdisciplinary team after two years include 90% less water and energy, and therefore 90% less CO₂e emissions in the bathroom. 


The concept study, “Hansgrohe’s green vision beyond water: Rethinking bathroom culture”, goes beyond the usual sustainability triad: Reduce – re-use – recycle: It’s about rethink – the radical rethinking of personal hygiene and the need for a mental retreat. 

Green Vision 

Hansgrohe’s vision separates hygiene and well-being, enabling unlimited, virtually waterless regeneration consisting of two areas: 

BASE – space for physical hygiene 

BASE is the conceptual platform for personal hygiene. The 10-litre shower with pH-neutralised water enables showering with virtually no shampoo or shower gel. The user always knows how much water is still available for showering. 

The new wash station features three spray types – a non-heated misty spray for most wash station procedures (hand/face washing), and a heated or non-heated mono spray for “smaller bodily hygiene rituals”. The desired spray type is started by a sensor on the arc, which stops automatically when hands are no longer under the spray nozzles. 

The separating toilet, with a pivoting lid, separates faeces and urine, reducing the number of toilet flushes and using the collected shower water. Thanks to its bidet function, the toilet does not require toilet paper, which is reducing the CO₂e emissions. This saves an additional 55 000 litres of virtual water, used in the production of toilet paper. 

SPHERE – space for mental hygiene 

The conceptual SPHERE is for mental retreat. Through the interplay of light, sounds and warm water vapour infused with essential oils, the armchair with a flexible dome enables a multi-sensory experience, with minimal consumption of water and energy and thus less CO₂e emissions. Opening or closing the dome creates different states that influence the intensity of the experience, creating a relaxing bathtub effect, without wasting water and energy. 

Green Vision uses materials within a circular economy to create the interior – aluminium extracted from the saltwater of the oceans is used instead of chrome-plated brass for everything metallic, such as fixtures. The bathroom furniture is made of wood and recycled materials. 

For more information, contact Hansgrohe:
Tel: +27 86 1111 941
Email: service@hansgrohe.co.za
Website: www.hansgrohe.co.za

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