Bathroom design – it’s in the details

by Tania Wannenburg
Bathroom design its in the

Viega bathroom fittings and drainage systems are developed with design and comfort in mind, all while keeping hygiene and water preservation in mind.

A bathroom is typically envisioned as an oasis of well-being, a place where one can relax and unwind. Colours, light and furnishings give a room its face, however, it is the details that give it character. Detailed solutions from Viega focus on enabling seamless architectural designs with the highest levels of comfort.

Pre wall systems
Systems for flexible and creative bathroom design is made easier with the Viega Steptec pre wall structure. This solution is the best the market has to offer in terms creating individual or barrier free pre wall and separating structures whether half height, full height or free standing. Steptec is the optimum installation solution regardless of where you sanitary facilities are located

On-trend bathtub fittings
With increasingly narrow bathtub rims being on trend, Viega’s Multiplex Trio functional unit has been developed with an installation depth of just 33mm. This extra-flat design combines the inlet, drainage and overflow fittings and makes installation simple.

Introducing electronic controls into the bathroom, the Multiplex Trio E allows fully automated bathtub filling. Operating elements can control water inlet volume and temperature selection, switchover to hand shower as well as a user menu displaying all functions available.

Tailor-made shower drainage
Barrier-free baths and floor level showers demand efficient drainage systems. Viega Advantix is a clever modular system with a drainage capacity of up to 1,1l/s, while the Advantix Vario shower channel and wall drains offer a drainage capacity from 0,4l/s to 2,4l/s.

Allowing complete individuality in design, Advantix Vario shower channels can be cut to length with millimetre precision and can be fitted in a straight line or around corners, or directly along the wall. With a low installation depth of only 25mm, it can be fitted in any solid or lightweight construction wall.

Available in four colour variations, matt and polished stainless steel, black and white, Advantix Vario shower channels integrate into any bathroom design.

The standard shower channels are available in lengths of 750 to 1 200mm and have a minimum construction height of just 90mm. Grate finishes vary from stainless steel, tileable insert or glass.

Practical, stylish flush systems
Viega’s Visign actuating panels for toilet and urinal flushing are produced from high-grade plastic, glass and stainless steel, with a variety of finishes to suit any bathroom design. The touch-less option offers the advantages of a hygienic, low-maintenance surface.

With the exception of the round-cornered designs, all actuating panels of the Visign for More and Visign for Style ranges can be installed absolutely flush with the wall, with only the push buttons standing out. The installation frame can be adjusted effortlessly to different tile thicknesses.

Viega is committed to the preservation of drinking water and its products carry the Water Efficiency Label.

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