Basket of innovations will be a game changer for roofing

by Darren
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South Africa embraces a variety of architectural styles, from Cape Dutch and French Huguenot to Tuscan and English. Some work, some do not, some are timeless, some are trite. But one fact is a game changer – the need to look at sustainability in the built environment. And steel roofing is leading the charge for change.

Roofing needs to rise to the challenges posed by global warming, the move to eco-neutrality, the rising cost of energy and the financial returns required by an investor.

Metal roofing has impeccable sustainability credentials, and its versatility makes it the material of choice for stunning architecture from modern to traditional. But it is functional performance that sets it apart.

A building is always an investment. So durability and the lifetime costs of occupation and ownership are critical. So too is its impact on the well-being of the people who live and work in it, and the way it uses resources. Quality components which are correctly installed in a well-designed roofing system offer returns that are financial, social and environmental.

The Safintra Innovations Roadshow will unpack a basket of best-of-breed components, which make up a metal roof system that delivers returns for the full occupied life of the building – each component separately warranted but when used together, the system stands apart.
• For increasingly violent weather, Safintra has a new generation Saflok clip system for concealed fix roofing.
• For energy-efficiency, Safintra has clamps that will make the roof a source of power without compromising the performance or warranty of the roof sheeting.
• To minimise maintenance costs, Safintra offers fasteners which will have a life expectancy longer than that of the roof sheeting.
• To reduce energy costs and lower the environmental impact, Safintra offers an over-roofing and roof spacer system which ensures the insulation you buy gives you the performance you paid for.
• And to reduce its environmental impact, Safintra has the long-span Metsec steel purlin system.

Finally, Safintra will warrant the integrated roof system for performance – thermal, functional and durability. That is a game changer. 

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