BASF won the 2013 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan based on a recent analysis of the European resins for the protective coatings market.

The award recognises the extent to which the product line meets customer base demands, the overall impact it has in terms of customer value, as well as increasing BASF’s market share.

Moreover, BASF’s strategic acquisitions improved its coating raw materials portfolio and gave it access to many important technologies.

“Because of our combined know-how in the field of resins, pigments and additives, we are able to support our customers in formulation and processes,” says Ulf Neidlein, vice-president of business management resins and additives, Europe.

“This allowed us to be seen as a provider of complete coatings solutions rather than pure raw-material chemistry,” he says.

He points out that BASF’s current approach to product portfolio development is based on market trends.

“The market continues to shift away from using high-solvent coatings, and BASF is leading this conversion by replacing alkyds with acrylic dispersions,” said Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Roland Heinze.

BASF’s extensive portfolio of coating raw materials translates to a wide variety of applications – not only in the field of protective coatings, but also in printing and packaging, furniture and flooring, automotive and general industry.

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