Zollanvari International Return to Maison&Objet

19 – 23 January 2023
Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre

“Breathe Paris in. It nourishes the soul.” Victor Hugo

After an absence of over two years, Zollanvari International return to Maison&Objet all guns blazing. In 2022 the company celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with several in-house events and online exhibitions, but most importantly developing ten individual new collections, starting with the Lion Collection – inspired by the emblematic image of the Zollanvari brand icon – and ending with Glitch Gabbehs, the latest collection launched last autumn for 2023, which is an ingenious fusion of traditional Gabbeh iconography and Glitch art – a visual style characterised by using digital or analogue errors for aesthetic purposes. The collection is the brainchild of SoFarSoNear Studio Milan (SFSN), with whom Zollanvari have developed several lauded and award-winning collections over the past ten years.

The online exhibition ‘Glitched – a New Era for Gabbehs’ is currently live and includes all the designs in all available colourways. The collection is exclusively available to order from the Zollanvari Online-Shop website, which has been revamped for the launch of the Glitch Gabbehs Collection.

The collaboration with designers has been a hallmark of Zollanvari’s quest to break boundaries in creating carpet art. The Lion (all except one design by SFSN) and Architectural Textures collections were created in close cooperation with the Vienese product design studio NOV24 and the close association with the Soheila Shayegan Studio in Cyprus is the keystone to the company’s extraordinary flatweave production – from Baneh kelims to the ever-growing Zillu collection.

As Reza Zollanvari puts it: “We have never shied away from trying something new, pushing the boundaries. We are always innovating, finding inspiration in weaving traditions from across the globe, but always giving the designs the Zollanvari twist.”

This is the quintessence of Zollanvari International’s success… remaining at the forefront of the fine handwoven design-carpet industry with a resource-efficient and sustainable production – a concept deep rooted in the company – and forever innovating.

For Zollanvari, the art of carpet making has always exemplified the expression of a culture and a way of life, and as a result Zollanvari’s use of pattern, colour and symbolism has been constantly evolving. What has set them apart is the active encouragement their weavers are given to allow their own aesthetic sense to shine through the designs. Individual, expressive, and unique carpets are the result.

The revamped version of the Zollanvari Online-Shop is now available to view online.

For further information on and high resolution images of all Zollanvari International designs, please contact
Gabi Peter at Zollanvari AG
Tel: +41 (0)44 493 28 29
Email: marketing@zollanvari.ch
Website: www.zollanvari.com

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