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Whether your preference is a daringly avant-garde, strikingly modern or unmistakeably classic look and feel, AXOR is revolutionising personalised bathroom design with their selection of bathroom fittings to suit any taste.

It’s not just appearances that count; although AXOR design is unparalleled, created in collaboration with the world’s top designers – like Philippe StarckAntonio CitterioJean-Marie MassaudBarber & OsgerbyNendoPhoenix Design and Front Design.

What’s on the inside is equally impressive. Effortless, intuitive functionality and eco-friendly features give you the best of both worlds – flawless aesthetics and advanced technology in motion.

AXOR MyEdition

AXOR MyEdition

The AXOR MyEdition range brings an entirely new level of customisation to the most intimate space in your home. Its most unique feature is the mounting plate, which accommodates the user’s design of choice.

AXOR MyEdition has over 225 combination choices of material, finishes and design possibilities to choose from, for the ultimate in personalised bathroom design – no matter what kind of aesthetic you prefer.

AXOR One – Timeless by design

At first glance, an AXOR One tap looks like a simple bent tubular structure. But upon closer examination, the tube subtly diminishes in size as it reaches its end, creating a more crafted, elegant look.

In collaboration with British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, AXOR is extending last year’s AXOR One bathroom collection with a selected palette of coloured taps and fixtures inspired by naturally occurring interactions between light, colour and water.

The six new colour variants are all available by special request through the exclusive AXOR Signature service, which allows almost any AXOR product to be further personalised, customised and adapted.

AXOR ONE Colours

Aquamarine’s blue-green sheen captures the chromatic character of a calm sea. Coral is a warm, red-orange tone. Ice is a light, muted blue, seen in the layered tones of glaciers and sea ice. Stone is a strong grey, referenced from the intersection of land and sea. Shell is a cool greyish pink. Sand is the colour of a calm shore, wet from the ebbing tide.

AXOR Starck Organic

“The idea with AXOR Starck Organic was to make a design that was deeply, structurally respectful of water. The first thing to bring water in history was the pump, and so the idea was to make something as simple as this.” – Designer, Philippe Starck

The Starck range’s signature feature is that it is rigorously cylindrical with a diagonal spout. Starck mixers make a minimalist statement with their basic form derived from the historical hand pump – the first and most elementary object that made water available. Starck truly pays homage to the purity of water and its beauty.

AXOR Montreux

The AXOR Montreux mixer elegantly reinterprets the design features of the early 20th century with its precision and workmanship. The collection combines the design of the first industrially manufactured mixers from the turn of the last century with the latest technology and modern functionality.

It embodies classic, authentic industrial bathroom design with couplings, valves and pipes for a richly detailed look. AXOR Montreux takes you on an authentic, historical journey back in time to the days of industrialisation.

Accessorise your style

The AXOR Universal Circular Accessories programme is the perfect complement to the AXOR One collection. Designed in collaboration with Barber Osgerby, the range reflects AXOR’s passion for highly functional, expertly crafted design objects in the bathroom. The accessories programme includes a wall mirror, shaving mirror, towel hooks, single and double hooks, a towel holder, and a cosmetic tissue box.

Something for everyone

All AXOR taps, showers and accessories inspire architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public, shaping water-related spaces that reflect the unique personality of every individual they interact with. Join the movement towards forward-thinking, distinctive design. Discover AXOR’s 2022 range of world-class products.

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