Awnings to spruce up outdoor areas

by Tania Wannenburg
Awnings to spruce up

Aluglass Bautech offers a variety of solutions for interior walling that are flexible, soundproof and beautiful.

With spring in the air, it is time to open up windows and doors to let in the freshness of the season as well as make the most of patios, decks and outdoor areas at restaurants, hotels and shopping centres.

Awnings are not just decorative additions to buildings. While they are aesthetically pleasing and can make a venue stand out from the rest, they also provide practical sun protection and block out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which in turn assists in optimising energy use inside buildings.

Aluglass Bautech’s Solamark range of fixed and retractable fabric awnings provides a wide range of solutions to extend or enclose outdoor areas, and can be custom-made per project.

Motorised awnings
When looking to install large awnings for shops, restaurants or office buildings, it is wise to opt for motorised retractable awnings that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button.

The Solamark motorised models are operated with an electric motor controlled by a switch or remote, or alternatively by sun and wind sensors. These retractable awnings can also be linked to a building automation system.

Fixed awnings
Alternatively, some building designs may call for a permanent fixture that does not need to be adjusted. The fixed options in the Solamark range come in various shapes and sizes, including the pram, bow, wedge and dome shapes, as well as flat screens.

Both the retractable and fixed awnings can be installed against walls, under slabs and to roof trusses.

Fold-arm aluminium frames are available in white or light grey powder coatings, but can be coated in any colour on request. Fixed awnings frames are supplied in mill-finish aluminium or, if specially requested, any powder coating.

The Solamark range is made from acrylic fabrics that have been impregnated with TEFLON®, which creates a barrier effect that reinforces water repellence and resistance to atmospheric pollution, and delays the adherence of soil onto the fabric. However, they remain permeable to air. With a high resistance to light, the fabric also disperses, absorbs and reflects UV rays.

In addition, the Tenara thread used for stitching is a long-lasting thread which further enhances the life of the outdoor products it is used for.

The fabric is available in an extensive range of colours and patterns with unsurpassable colour stability and maximum resistance to shrinking, tearing and stretching.

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