Award-winning sustainability approach

by Zuerita
Award-winning sustainability approach

Lemay, which is one of Canada’s leading architecture, planning and design firms, has taken the initiative to lay out a rigorous Net Positive framework in an effort to maximise the firm’s influence when it comes to taking a stronger stand in terms of sustainability and the built environment – which has a direct and drastic impact on human health.

New net positive framework

The firm is determined to go beyond traditional environmental certifications by following more intensive sustainable strategies and metrics at every stage of its projects. The new framework is so impressive, it has recently been recognised with a Novae Award.

“Protecting the environment doesn’t have to cost more,” says Louis T Lemay, the firm’s president and excellence facilitator. “Our projects are proof that they can be sustainably developed for the same capital costs as comparable projects. The Net Positive approach also gives projects greater social acceptability, which generates more ROI and boosts market value,” Lemay adds.

Lemay is one of Canada’s leading architecture, planning and design firms.

The firm’s approach was developed over the course of numerous high-profile sustainable projects, including Montreal’s Bibliothèque du Boisé and Toronto’s Woodbine Districts.

The Net Positive framework approach is focused on contributing positively to the following areas:

User health: The firm strives to avoid negative changes to human health and wellness by making use of eco-friendly materials in all design, along with maximising indoor air quality and natural light, and integrating biophilic and active design.

The firm’s new sustainability approach was recently recognised with a Novae Award.

Environmental protection: While human health is a massive factor, the firm is also dedicated to preserving the environment through the careful and responsible management of stormwater, reducing heat islands, protecting green spaces and developing biodiversity.

Carbon emissions reduction: The firm has stated that it will be constantly performing carbon quantification and lifecycle assessments, and will be strongly focused on reducing the carbon footprint, increasing resiliency, as well as adapting design to climate change.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Lemay and v2com-newswire.com for the information contained in this article.


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