The colourful outdoor sports facilities at the German School of Athens are part of a large-scale project that won the first prize in the invited architectural competition for “New design of the outdoor spaces of the German School of Athens Campus”.  

 The project 

 The aim of the project was the functional and aesthetic integration of the existing areas of the complex, with the outdoor space of the athletics facilities. A personal connection with the school allowed the architects an insider’s perception and understanding of its needs, a familiarity of the school’s outdoor spaces and the problems they face. 

 Renovation goals 

 The existing main building was designed by German architect, Hans Graf Praschma, and the detailed design and supervision was conducted by Greek architect, Pavlos Mylonas. It exemplifies the modern architectural style of the 1960s, based on the balance between discipline and freedom. 

The athletics facilities are multi-functional, offering a running track, athletics fields, tennis and basketball courts and more.

By renovating and redeveloping the athletics facilities, the goal was to enhance the overall experience for students and athletes, creating a functional and visually appealing environment that meets the updated standards set by the institution. The new athletics facilities include, among others, a running track, high jump, long jump, shotput, tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball courts, a tennis training wall, a bouldering wall, outdoor exercise areas and a slackline. 

 Design concept 

 The outdoor athletics facilities are designed in a grid system with a zig-zag line, or chain, that defines the boundaries of the campus plot, expressed as a continuous line of concrete tribunes and benches. In this way, the geometry of the outline on the perimeter and the grid of the inner area organises the multitude of required functions and integrates previously unused zones into the sports area.  

The project integrates the existing areas of the complex with the outdoor space of the athletics facilities.

Defined by colour 

 The colour variations of blue shades alongside yellow flooring are used to highlight the grid of the sports fields. Bright colours were chosen both for the recreational character of physical activity and to motivate children to exercise and play in a contemporary and vivid space. Different courts situated within the space are delineated by alternating patterns and lines, creating the precise layouts specified for each court.  

 The project’s overall aesthetic strives to be invigorating, emphasising the school’s innovative nature, and complements its identity. The architectural proposal poses a dual challenge, seeking to achieve both functional design and elevated aesthetic excellence. 

 Project details: 

Name: Outdoor sports facilities for the German School of Athens. 

Location: Marusi, Athens, Greece. 

Architects: Katerina-Olympia Daskalaki, Myrto Matala. 

Area: 10 180m². 

Photographs: Babis Louizidis, Katerina Glinou, Nikolas Kargadouris. 


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