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Award-winning floors from Expo Revestir

Award-winning floors

Floors presents a curated selection of the Best In Show Awards winning products from Expo Revestir 2024. The winners are the most innovative launches at the largest coatings and finishes event in Latin America. 

Best Porcelain Tiles 

Winner: Portobello – The Edge  

Size: 120cm x 270cm Naturally Rectified 

A fusion of the strength of natural stones with the warmth of leather and the elegance of gold gave rise to The Edge, with its designs, reliefs, protrusions, textures and predominant shades of black and brown. The Edge was born to be timeless, for projects and people who dream boldly.   

Best Footer 

Winner: Santa Luzia – reverse aluminium skirting board 

Size: 300cm x 62mm x 14mm 

The inverse skirting board is made of aluminium and forms part of the NEO Collection. It is designed with a cavity for installing LED strips. It is suitable for use indoors, on masonry walls and against floors with ceramic finishes, such as porcelain tiles. It is available in black and white. 

Best Footer winner: Santa Luzia – reverse aluminium skirting board.

Best Laminate Flooring 

Winner: Eucafloor – SQUARE 

Size: 90,6cm x 90,6cm 

Eucafloor is the only brand to produce large-format laminate flooring in Brazil. The SQUARE line brings a laminate in a square format of unprecedented dimensions. It is suitable for low-traffic residential, corporate, commercial and hotel environments. The SQUARE range, like all Eucafloor laminate flooring, is made from eucalyptus wood from FSC®-certified plantation forests. It is available in Stone, Botticino, Concreto and Mármore Imperador patterns. 

Best Laminate Flooring winner: Eucafloor – SQUARE.

Best Vinyl Flooring 

Winner: Tarkett – Essence 30 Mallow line 

Size: 104mm x 600mm 

The Essence 30 range from Tarkett presents a new format option to facilitate creative layouts such as herringbone in smaller spaces, providing a modern environment. Specially designed for compact environments, this LVT vinyl flooring not only redefines the concept of practicality, but also raises the bar for interior design in bedrooms, small offices and hotel rooms.  


The Revestir 2024 Best In Show Awards highlighted the most innovative launches at the fair. 


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