Award-winning design for mosaic building

by Ofentse Sefolo
Award-winning design for mosaic building

Traditionally, Sydney’s southern Sussex Street precinct is the home of historic masonry warehouse buildings. However, a uniquely designed new apartment building by Tony Owen Partners seeks to fit in by making a colourful statement.

This uniquely designed building was recently awarded with two gold WAN Awards, winning both the colour in architecture and facades categories of WAN 2020.

Mosaic is a 14-storey, mixed-use residential/commercial building, consisting of a four-storey retail and commercial podium with 37 apartment units housed above. Its colourful facade is dominated by a mosaic of angled window bays in a palette of bright colours to liven up the quiet street.

Environmental technology
This facade has an environmental purpose. The unique facade resulted from a parametric calculation of reflected sun onto the site to maximise solar amenity.

The window bays are angled to maximise the light to units. The site is surrounded by tall buildings and has limited northerly aspect.

Tony Owen Partners used parametric modelling to calculate the angles and direction of the sun at different times of the day, and directed the angle of the windows accordingly. This geometry is then translated into the masonry podium base, which, in turn, responds to the heritage warehouses next door. The result is a vibrant contemporary example of urban in-fill streetscape.

Mixed-use living
The main lobby incorporates large areas of off-form concrete which complements the masonry colonnade, and the ceiling is made of back-lit glass to dramatically bring additional light to the space. A feature wall reinterprets the faceted geometry in illuminated sandstone.

The lobby includes a café/bar which further enlivens the space. The result is a highly sculptural yet contextual in-fill building, which has been praised for its obvious innovative design and architectural excellence.

Key facts
Project name: Mosaic
Architects: Tony Owen Partners
Project type: Residential/commercial building
Location: Sussex Street, Sydney, Australia

For more information, visit www.tonyowen.com.au/project/mosaic-sussex-street.

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