Award-winning alternative stone products

by Ofentse Sefolo
Award-winning alternative stone products

Revelstone provides an alternative to real stone. The company started in 1993 and while the concept wasn’t new globally, the idea of creating stone-lookalike concrete solutions was still a novel idea in South Africa.

“My father, Andrew Cyprianos, started Revelstone in 1993 and I joined the company after matriculating in 1992. The business has grown so much over the past 25 years and I’m proud to be part of our upcoming quarter-of-a-century anniversary,” says Alex Cyprianos.

“When Revelstone started, the majority of its projects were residential projects. Today, around 60% of the cobbles, pavers, cladding, steps and other Revelstone products that we manufacture and supply are for commercial developments.”

One of Revelstone’s noteworthy commercial projects is the Silo District in Cape Town, where the historic Grain Silo was transformed into the internationally anticipated Zeit Museum of Contemporary Art. Revelstone was part of the civil contracting work in the rapidly developing area around the Silo District, with the company supplying cobbles and roadways for the paving surrounding the building.

Alex says that there are a number of things that make projects like the Silo District rewarding.

“Besides being able to enter the project into the CMA Awards, it’s also rewarding to work with visionary architects, engineers and other built environment professionals. We developed a specialised coping for the penthouse pools for the Silo District project. When it comes to creating customised, project-specific solutions, it’s great to be able to reinvent the wheel and work with ambitious people who can bring a designer’s idea to fruition,” says Alex.

Other commercial projects that Revelstone has been involved in include the new Absa head office and a number of shopping centres including the Century City shopping centre in Cape Town.

“While the high-profile jobs win awards and get you in the media, we’re equally committed to our residential clients. Every client is valuable to us, whether they’re building a huge building with complex geometries or want a new driveway for their home. Revelstone has always maintained the ethos of putting each client first,” says Alex.

Revelstone has been nominated for a few CMA Awards. The event is set to take place in March 2018 and Revelstone has entered six categories – Two being Beauty for Life and Product Innovation.

“With Beauty for life, you need to enter projects that are older than 10 years. We like entering this category because it shows the longevity and durability of our projects. We also pride ourselves in developing and launching new products in the industry so the Innovation in Concrete category is also close to home. As a member of the CMA, it’s good to be involved in the industry awards and winning an award adds credibility to our brand,” says Alex.

Revelstone has been using PPC from the very first day and continues to use today. Revelstone and PPC have been partners for the past 25 years.

“Back in 1993, we were buying 100 bags of PPC cement per week, but now we buy on average 100 tonnes per week. PPC has always supported us, valuing our business and realising its potential when we were still small,” says Alex.

“PPC does a number of things to show us that we matter and is always willing to participate in contributing promotional items towards our various fund-raisers and events during the year. They are the leaders in the cement industry and Revelstone is proud to market the fact that we use PPC cement in our products. There are a number of cement imports available in the market today, but we will never switch from PPC simply because they are always willing to offer any type of back-up support we need. We are selling a premium product to clients and for this reason we will continue to buy premium cement,” concludes Alex.

For more information, contact PPC via www.ppc.co.za.

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