Aspiring to accuracy and durability

by Darren
Bosch GOL 32 D Jnl 4 15

Regarded as being a contractor’s companion, this newly introduced product ensures traditional levelling tasks are easy and precise.

Precisely accurate results can be achieved even in the toughest working conditions when using Bosch’s robust and reliable GOL 32 D Professional Optical Level.

It enables traditional levelling tasks, such as determining and transferring heights in open terrain or on construction sites, to be performed with ease and precision.

Ninet Bosman, Bosch measuring tools Brand Manager, notes that the device’s IP54-rated metal housing ensures dust and splash resistance, while 32x magnification optics and rapid aperture offer clear images of the measuring rod over large areas.

“The Bosch GOL 32 D has a working distance of 120 m and measures elevations, as well as distances and angles, with high precision of 1 mm at 30 m,” says Ninet. “With its 5/8” thread it is compatible with all standard building tripods. What’s more, a penta prism magnifies the circular vial for easy-to-read results.”

The optical level is initially aligned with its target – generally a levelling rod – using the integrated target collimator. The values on the levelling rod are clearly visible and can be read with ease thanks to the crosshairs. Horizontal alignment is performed by means of angular adjustment with a friction coupling which is operated using adjusting screws on either side.

The Bosch GOL 32 D also comes standard with an adjusting pin, hex key, plumb bob, lens cover and carrying case for added protection. “The Bosch GOL 32 D Optical Level has been designed to meet all demands of the job and is an invaluable contractor’s companion,” concludes Ninet.

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