Are you married to your device?

by Tania Wannenburg
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Media in Africa offers an array of digital platforms which, when combined with print, will spread your message, product and service further.

We have some great content for you, regardless of which platform you decide to use.

Since 2009, Media in Africa has taken an integrated approach to their media offerings, combining both print and digital. They never saw digital growth as a threat to print, and consequently, continued to develop and grow their other platforms. Each of their digital platforms have achieved significant success and continue to grow at a rapid rate almost daily, offering clients a comprehensive, multi-channelled solution.

Print is not dead, nor will it ever die. However, it is critical to incorporate an integrated marketing approach as both print and digital serve a very distinct purpose. Media in Africa offers several unique digital mediums, but regardless of which is selected, one thing will never change: their absolute dedication to delivering quality content that serves as the voice of the flooring industry.

Digital Magazines – www.freemagazines.co.za
After each FLOORS in Africa title has been printed, the editions are available to read online at no charge on www.freemagazines.co.za. You only need to register once, and from there on out, you have the full magazine to your avail to read whenever it suits you, be it on your PC, tablet or mobile. A reminder email will also be sent to you once the latest edition is available. Several specifiers have indicated that this is quite often the simplest and quickest manner for them to scan and read on topics of immediate relevance to them. This is why this platform is ideal, as it enables industry to read anywhere, at any time of convenience, using any type of technological device.
Scan here to subscribe to freemagazines or visit www.freemagazines.co.za

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Website – www.buildinganddecor.co.za
The website serves as a quick reference guide and is filled with easy to read, quality content. Furthermore, it is user friendly with search functionalities that make it simple to navigate the site and find the information you are looking for at the click of a button.

Updated with the latest articles that appear in both titles, FLOORS and WALLS&ROOFS in Africa, video clips of our Editors highlighting the feature articles in the upcoming publications, updates on the latest conferences and events, access to online adverts, to name just a few, make it a great source of information. Whether you are looking for topic specific content, or to stay updated on the latest industry developments, or perhaps to look for a specific article that appeared in FLOORS in Africa magazine several years ago, this website aims to make your online experience informative and easy.

Interesting statistics regarding buildinganddecor.co.za: It currently boasts 87 045 average unique visitors per month, and a staggering 288 783 average views per month – by no means a small feat!
Scan here to visit the website:

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Social Media:
•    Facebook – www.facebook.com/buildinganddecor
Worldwide, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 15% increase year on year. With such astonishing figures, it makes sense why businesses are making use of this platform. But above and beyond the opportunity to draw an audience (or fans) and expose them to who you are as a company and what you have to offer, it is the ideal place to build relationships with said individuals. You build these relationships through trust, and building trust takes time.

Since 2009, FLOORS in Africa has spent a lot of time and hard work to ensure that the Facebook page, www.facebook.com/buildinganddecor, serves the need of its market by fine tuning material to speak to their fans. This page offers the fans a minimum of three fresh and exciting posts each day. This enables the company to engage with their audience and invite them to get involved with our discussions and posts. The success they have achieved has been astronomical, with 843 000 fans, a reach of 2 667 109 and engagement figures of 184 103.
We encourage you to like this page and discover for yourself why such high figures have been recorded – figures that grow by the day.
Like us @buildinganddecor or scan here to be directed to this Facebook page.

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•    Twitter – @BuildingDecor
Twitter, unlike Facebook, is all about the now. What is happening this very second, and what is happening a minute after that. It’s real time, fresh and informative, but to have a successful Twitter page you have to be out there, Tweeting and keeping your followers updated throughout the day. Media in Africa’s followers expect that, and as such we deliver.
Their Journalists, Editors and Advertising Account Managers are always on the go, be it at expo’s, conferences, events, launches etc., which means their followers are always in the know. To date, Media in Africa’s Twitter account has 2 720 followers.
Follow us at @BuildingDecor to stay updated on all things industry related or scan here to be directed to their Twitter page.

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•    LinkedIn – www.linked.com/groups/8485234
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and growing rapidly. Their mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn is often referred to as your online CV, and aptly so.
As the voice of the flooring industry, Media in Africa believes it is important to connect with their readers and clients, and as such LinkedIn is the ideal platform to achieve this. It also helps them to bridge the border gap and connect with international industry players.
If you would like to join their online community visit www.linked.com/groups/8485234 or scan here:

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Newsletter – per email
Once a month, a newsletter highlighting some of the hot topics that appear in the latest publication are sent to subscribed clients and the flooring industry, be it quantity surveyors, architects, interior designers, project managers etc. This serves as a quick reference guide, demonstrating what readers can expect, and really whets their appetites to read more.

This is also the ideal opportunity for clients to advertise by means of banners and video content. Considering that they have approximately 14 125 newsletter subscribers, this is a great medium to educate readers on the company’s products and service offerings.

YouTube – http://tiny.cc/floorsyoutube
Each title has its own YouTube channel where you will be the first to know what appears in the next issue of each publication directly from the mouth of the Editors, amongst other content that is loaded.

They will share some of the latest feature topics, which will undoubtedly grab your attention through a visual medium that also helps you to become acquainted to those responsible for the management of the publications.

To view their YouTube channel scan here:

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It is important to note that Media in Africa offers a range of digital campaigns that involve each of these offerings. These are custom designed to suit clients’ budget and needs, but to ensure you have a campaign that best serves your market goals and objectives, contact Santie Koch or Roxanne Mancini at 012 347 750 or alternatively email santie@mediainafrica.co.za or roxanne@mediainafrica.co.za for more information.

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