One of the fascinating parts of DOMOTEX Hannover 2018 was the guided tours. Roxanne Mancini, Editor of FLOORS in Africa magazine, interviewed a few of the architects who helped visitors gain deeper insights into the world of design and the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE theme. The architects that she interviewed included Susanne Schmidhuber, founder of SCHMIDHUBER in Munich, Jürgen Mayer of J. MAYER. H architects, and Julius Reimann of Reimann Architecture.

Question: What was your overall impression of DOMOTEX 2018?
Susanne: DOMOTEX 2018 was fresh, modern and inspirational. The overall positive mood of the exhibitors, planners and press created a really wonderful atmosphere.

Jürgen: As the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings, DOMOTEX once again delivered top performance as a driver of new trends and innovations.

Julius: I enjoyed experiencing the very well thought out reorganisation of the fair. Furthermore, I was really inspired by the separate area of DOMOTEX that gave great insights into the topic of flooring designs and innovation.

Susanne Schmidhuber

Question: What did you think of the keynote theme UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE?
Susanne: It was a brilliant idea that truly brought the megatrend of individualisation to life. The Framing Trends area at the event was a creative space that allowed creatives to connect, mingle and exchange ideas.

Jürgen: I think its fresh approach gave rise to lots of new ideas and made DOMOTEX more attractive than ever. The UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE proved hugely popular among attendees and offered a wealth of inspiration.

Julius: UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE is a creative platform for innovative creators to present their design approaches. It is a great way to make an impact!

Julius Reimann

Question: From the guided tour you hosted, name your favourite three products and explain why?
Susanne: CLASSEN: The product Ceramin is a ceramic-like product that can be recycled and upcycled completely, with 100% sustainability. TISCA: The Tisca carpet collection, with its vast range of colours and structures, is a great starting point for planners to create extraordinary rooms. EGGER: Floor, wall, ceiling and furniture all made from one material. This is something that Egger Products have managed to create.

Jürgen: Firstly, products from the company NAZIR impressed me. For more than 30 years, the company has stood for a unique collection of ancient nomadic art. Nomads of old Persia crafted this rug artistry for their personal needs only and it resembles beauty in a way that science fails to explain. Often, myths and stories are worked into the pieces and are preserved over generations. Most themes stem from pre-Islamic times, but they convey similarities to the works of the impressionistic art from Europe – modernity long before modern trends had been invented.

Secondly, the design WAVE 01 by RUG STAR. The sparkling fields in silk pick up the theme of the wave beautifully; and lastly, the less individual but practical CARPET TILEY by FLETCO, a completely new and unique form of carpet tile with laser-cut edges.

Julius: One of my favourite pieces was the handmade carpets, which are not only high quality but also unique in their design language. Sustainability and working responsibility with resources are two important aspects at our architecture firm, so I was really impressed by the sustainable and up-cycled flooring products. The optimised flooring product assembly techniques that were showcased at DOMOTEX also got me to buy into a number of flooring products.

Jürgen Mayer

Question: As a guide, how important do you believe the Guided Tours from World-Architects are for the architects as well as the exhibitors?
Susanne: With the large variety of exhibitors, products and activities at DOMOTEX, it saves attendees a great deal of time to take a guided tour, especially as they are led by experts with intimate knowledge of the various areas and exhibits.

Jürgen: The daily guided tours gave visitors special insight into products and the show’s keynote theme while putting them in direct touch with exhibitors of particular interest to them.

Julius: I am of the opinion that they are very important as they give visitors a concise overview of relevant content for architects. Another benefit of the guided tours is the opportunity they provide to smaller companies who are showcasing innovative products to present their work and connect with colleagues.

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