Another Expo Revestir successfully concluded!

by Ofentse Sefolo
Another Expo Revestir successfully concluded!

The 19th edition of the largest trade show of finishing solutions in Latin America, Expo Revestir, took place from 22 to 31 March 2021. The expo received 59 973 visits and counted more than 4 million interactions within the platform created exclusively for the event, an incredible achievement.

The official programme included 68 events and 215 speakers, who provided the various audiences of the fair with extremely relevant and qualified content.

This year, in addition to being 100% Digital, Expo Revestir also innovated by taking the fair literally into the homes of visitors, with more than 700 products from 60 exhibitors modelled in 3D for an experience in Augmented Reality: innovative technology that allows the interaction of the virtual world with the real.

Expo Revestir marked by good content and knowledge!
In addition to major launches by the industry, it is in the DNA of Expo Revestir to present knowledge through the International Forum of Architecture, Design and Construction (FIAC). This year, through interactions with partners and exhibitors, they brought together 68 events, high-level speakers and an agenda that included themes such as design, management and trends.

The Pritzker winner, Frenchman Christian de Portzamparc, was the centre of attention as he took visitors through his works scattered across both hemispheres.

Join us for a look at some of the top flooring products and trends that made news at this year’s Revestir



1. Atlas: hexagonal shape, bricks and mosaic tiles with the look of nature
Inspired by the colours and textures of nature, the brand combined design with technology to launch collections that merge refined aesthetics, wearability and easy maintenance, such as the Confete series (made to order), which recalls the look of the facades of buildings built in the 1950s and 1960s.

For those who want to bring nature to the home, Morea ceramics are ideal revealing nuances of blue, as well as Java ceramics, inspired by natural islands and pure green from the Indonesian sea for the exterior.

The Cook mosaic tiles range from light grey to close to black to create sophisticated and minimalist designs.

The new products of the Ônix HD series, celebrate exposed bricks and earthy tones for covering outdoor areas. Among the highlights were the vibrant Viano and the discreet Beleo, Calto, Gaiba and Rivara.

Nina Martinelli

2. Nina Martinelli: celebration of nature, lively design and beauty
Colours, textures and shapes from nature that reflect the environment, awaken the most genuine sensations of belonging, warmth and comfort in the collections presented by the Nina Martinelli brand.

Also among the Nina Martinelli products were 3D cementitious coverings, ceramic tile floors, mosaics, athermic floors and finishes, and cobogós in cement, by Brazilian designer Rosa Pinc.

Roca Cerámica: new lines Roca Cerámica, part of the Roca Brasil Cerámica group, launched products that balance and complement its portfolio, with solutions that keep up with the main global trends.

The highlights of the range, SuperFormato, are the Cross Cut (120 x 120 and 120 x 250cm), rock derived from quartz, cut transversely with a Micro Crystal and Satin finish; Concrete Greige and Off White (120 x 120 and 120 x 250cm), which l looks like concrete, a texture that is increasingly used in contemporary architecture.

In addition, the brand launched the Koronis (60 x 120, 120 x 120, 100 x 200, and 120 x 250cm), which features the purest white, in a new format – 120 x 250cm. Available in Micro Crystal and Satin finish, SuperFormato reflects Roca Cerámica’s up-to-date technology, capable of producing a large, 100% white piece.


Finally, Calacata Light (120 x 120 and 120 x 250cm) reproduces classic marble using HD printing technology and is great for projects because of its timeless aesthetics and versatility of use.

3. Portobello: unique collection by Italian designer Paola Navone
Portobello launched the preview of the Portobello 2021 Unlimited collection, which has exclusive ranges designed by Paola Navone, an Italian architect and designer. The first highlight is Gouache, a tile replicating brushstrokes, which reveals surprising shades and layers of colours in its 13 tones.

The Bonbon line is reminiscent of the contours of small sweets and creates an exclusive, irregular mosaic available in pastel colours.

In the wake of the launches, the brand also emphasised the Via Durini line. The delicacy of the surface balances the strength of the material and renews the options for indoor environments. Available in four shades, exclusive for walls.

Other ranges launched by Portabello include the Segments range, luxurious to the touch; the Nest Contínuo by Officina Portobello, a delicate take on marble, and the eternal Calacatta in a super matte finish.

4. Eucatex: four new patterns inspired by the new way of living
Eucafloor launched four new collections inspired by the need for a new way of living, to bring comfort and to create a welcoming environment. They are Gran Elegance Belmonte, New Elegance Veneto, New Elegance Moka and Prime Cacau – wood patterns with lighter, softer tones that bring a certain amount of luminosity to the décor.

The Eucatex MDF portfolio, on the other hand, features 14 new patterns and three retrofits, such as the Grafis range, with six patterns: Trama Beige, Trama Gris, Arenas (retrofit), Cinnamon, Verde Amalfi and Fumê Clássico.

In the Lacca Metallic range, the patterns Galáxia, Escovado and Bianco Perlato feature metallic shine particles inspired by the glamorous art deco era, and in the BP Raízes range, the patterns are Freijó Escuro, Lâmina Naturale and Carvalho Canela (retrofit).

BP Matt Plus includes Grani, Rosa, Italian Noce (retrofit) and Botticino, inspired by the stone of the same name found in Italy and Turkey.


5. Akafloor presented The Future line for the second consecutive year
For the second consecutive year at the trade show, Akafloor presented The Future Collection, with new colours based on the demand from architects and clients. The professionals suggested floors in shades close to concrete and cement, in line with current trends, among other textures, without giving up the quality and durability of solid wood.

Akafloors are guaranteed for 15 years and can be restored up to seven times after that with the correct treatment.

Akafloor also launched the slatted floor range, a new addition to its portfolio, that the company will start producing and selling this year.

6. Eliane Revestimentos: three-dimensional effects, minimalism and versatility
Eliane Revestimentos presented collections that bring strong points such as versatility with products that can even be used to create furniture, minimalism and optical effects.

The Stelar Collection, for example, was created for application in facades, floors, walls, countertops and furniture. With a 9mm thickness and in 80 x 160cm format, the collection features Stelar Black and Stelar White.

The Matéria range can be installed on floors and furniture such as kitchen countertops, as it is resistant to heat, stain, acid and liquid. The colours range from white to grey to earthy tones such as Calcário, Areia, Terra, Titânio, Grafite, Carbono and Petróleo and comes in 80 x 80cm and 60 x 60cm.

The brand also launched the Minimum, State and Urbanite collections.

Eliane Revestimentos

7. Incepa: new colours and sizes for the whole house
The large tile brand, Incepa, of Roca Brasil Cerámica group, launched super large tiles in 120 x 120cm and 100 x 200cm at 7mm thick.

Highlights included the following collections: City (100 x 200cm), available in Cement and Nude and Galileu (120 x 120cm), which is based on a neutral and timeless palette, with a marbled surface that reproduces soft, uniform veins in the satin and Micro Crystal versions.

Another exciting addition is the Venatino collection (100 x 200cm), inspired by the classic Italian Carrara Venatino, with soft and longitudinal veins. The Prime collection (60 x 60, 61 x 61 and 83 x 83cm) is basic and essential, with soft and satin textures. Their Pro collection (60 x 60cm) has a new finish on the 60 x 60cm tiles, the GripPlus, making it ideal for internal stairs, sidewalks and external level areas for residential or commercial spaces.


8. Biancogres presented emotional concepts
This year’s launches prioritised the timeless, the essential and the emotional – super relevant concepts for this moment when there is no room for waste.

Comfort and simplicity go side by side and the brand’s goal was to contribute to the creative process of architects, interior designers and finally consumers. The result is marble, stone, wood and cement that work together and with other elements in the environment in a coordinated way. The Biancogres 2021 collection is an invitation to value what really matters.

9. Ceusa presented the Noturno collection
Ceusa brings together the depth of dark stones with the wear and beauty of porcelain tiles in the Noturno collection.

The collection, which features dark tiles with whitish veins, gives a special effect and is available in 120 x 120cm size, with natural and non-slip finishes, making it suitable for all areas of the house.


10. Decortiles: large ultra-thin tiles
Decortiles focussed on super large sizes and ultra-thin tiles. Florence 12 polished, from the Arts Mob collection was launched in 162 x 324cm and is also ideal for creating furniture.

Faithfully mimicking natural patterns to the smallest detail with high-definition printing, the porcelain tiles are available in extra-large sizes and thicknesses that further expand their use. Available in 12 and 15mm.

Decortiles also launched the Ágata collection, which references natural ornamental and therapeutic elements interpreted in a minimalist and timeless manner. This year, the collection was relaunched in the new 90 x 90cm format.


For more information, visit https://www.exporevestir.com.br/ .

Main image: Incepa

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