Aalsmeer, a small Dutch town 15 km southwest of Amsterdam, is not only home to one of the world’s largest flower markets but also a town featuring many residences with wonderful architectural appeal and design.

Exclusivity and style
One such residence is a private luxury villa which has recently undergone a major upgrade with the help of Carlo Abdul’s Studio Enzo Architectuur & Interieur. Their use of raw materials, and in particular the flooring materials, has contributed to the overall exclusivity and superior craftsmanship of this premium penthouse. The Caesar Ceramiche’s Anima range in large format porcelain slabs, used throughout this home, has created immediate prestige and luxury.

Taking inspiration from the timeless elegance of marble which dominates the Anima range, they have created a regal and sophisticated collection that incorporates seven different marble designs and offers a unique and modern interpretation.

A statement of Grandeur
Studio Enzo Architectuur & Interieur chose Calacatta Oro in 20x120cm for the living room, kitchen and staircase resulting in a feast for the eyes thanks to the marble characteristics of the Anima porcelain stoneware. Using marble in this ultra-modern installation has reaffirmed its role as a timeless material. The simplicity of installation, ease of cleaning and resistance to abbrasion, chemicals and detergents makes this one of the most popular flooring options today.

For further information about Anima, visit Caesar website: https://www.caesar.it/en/collections-porcelain-tile/anima/

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