Founded by Rishabh Kapoor and Monica Chadha, Design Deconstruct is a multi-disciplinary build and interior design firm in India. The firm has practical experience in the designing of residential and commercial projects, so this client brief asking for a party pad was different from their usual work. Inspired, they dove into creating a space with lots of art deco elements, and styling that delivered a young and vibrant look. 

This was all completed in a timeframe of two months, including the site work, the production of furniture and the sourcing of other materials. 

Design concept  

The original concept included making a bigger entertainment area by combining the dining area, but Design Deconstruct decided against it as a sit-down dining area was needed. With a free hand in terms of design, Design Deconstruct presented a cool, welcoming ambience with many visual elements. Kapoor and Chadha admit that they did not hold back – there was nothing subtle or understated about the design. 

Bold design and visual elements deliver an upmarket penthouse, designed for entertaining. 

Visual detail 

The ceilings required some thought, as the height was not substantial. It was decided to use some neat coves and drops only where necessary for the air-conditioning and other conduiting. Steel accents were used on the ceiling of the entertainment lounge to add more visible detail. Light fixtures for the space were curated locally. 

All the exposed surfaces are in marble and semi-precious stone, chosen to add some class and because they age better than other surfaces. For the upholstery on the furniture, high-quality velvets and leather were primarily used. It was important for Design Deconstruct to make sure that the layout of the space was such that it looked completed, but still had a lot of movement space. 

Spatial planning 

Kapoor and Chadha were thoughtful about planning the space, as the penthouse would primarily be used for hosting small gatherings of close friends and family. The focus was all about the quality of design, rather than the number of people that it can entertain. The dining room accommodates an intimate dinner party for eight people. At any given point, any communal area of the space can entertain a maximum of seven to eight people.  

A lot of focus was placed on the television in the bar, creating a very comfortable area for relaxing and chilling out with friends. An internal staircase leads to the terrace, which includes a beautiful pool, outdoor seating, a bar and a lounge with a private spa.  

Project: Pamposh Penthouse.
Location: Greater Kailash, New Delhi.
Area: 882m² (9 500 square ft).
Configuration: Penthouse with terrace.
Design: Design Deconstruct.
Photography: Atul Pratap Chauhan.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to for the information in this editorial. 

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