An innovative approach to stair nosing’s

by Darren
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Minimising slips and falls with the use of innovative stair nosings from Genesis.

As an established company in the ceramic profiles market, both in the UK and around the world, Genesis’ diversification into the flooring market was a natural progression in the company’s development.

Over the last 17 years, Genesis has established itself as one of the premier names in flooring profiles, providing a host of solutions to floor finishing challenges. “I think that our growth can be attributed to a combination of factors, our ‘can do’ attitude combined with competitive pricing, excellent product quality, and outstanding service have been the main ones,” comments Michael Gadney, Sales Director.

The company has provided flooring profiles for various prestigious projects, including Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, The University of Johannesburg in South Africa, while also providing bespoke stair-nosing’s for the director’s box at the Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium.

The Genesis Stair Nosing Range contains over 100 different profile shapes, sizes and materials designed to protect the exposed edge, increase visual awareness and slip resistance.

Research has shown that 80% of slips on stairs are likely to occur when users are descending the stairs. This usually occurs as a result of an overstep, when a substantial portion of the foot overhangs the tread. The risk of slippage can be reduced if a stair nosing, incorporating a slip-resistant material that extends to the leading edge, is applied. The slip resistance can also be measured using the Pendulum Test Value (PTV), with all Genesis inserts far exceeding the minimum recommendations in both wet and dry conditions.

Stair nosings visually highlight the step edge against the tread and riser surface. Poor delineation of the step edge may confuse people negotiating the stairs, particularly in poor lighting conditions, thereby increasing the risk of an overstep. The selection of appropriate stair nosings is key to maximising safety and visual clarity of a flight of stairs.

The diverse range of designs offer solutions for all types of flooring coverings, ceramic, carpet, LVT, Wood, laminate, concrete, etc. and is available with a choice of 15 standard insert colours. The new Tredsafe inserts introduced in 2016 offers a unique blend of material and it is design to ensure a cost-effective solution for external applications.

Genesis’ Aluminator range is another innovative alternative which is powered solely by solar powered renewable energy. With up to 30 minutes solar charge, over eight hours of illumination is provided. Not only is it energy efficient; it is easy to install and requires no electrical installation. Being suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and with a high slip resistance when used with the new Genesis Silicone Carbide Insert, it is easy to understand why this nosing has become one of the most popular in the range.

In addition to their product ranges, the company also provides full technical support, installation details and data sheets.

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