An expression of style

by Ofentse Sefolo
An expression of style

To those who know them, Ceramic Industries have always been the “creators of style”. Now more and more customers and homeowners are learning about the brand’s dedication to design and innovation, which spans four decades.
CEO Lance Foxcroft says the company’s new tag line, “creators of style”, embodies their commitment to using the most innovative techniques and technology to create beautiful products that delight customers. “Since inception, some forty years ago, we’ve always had strong relationships with customers and homeowners. We benchmark our success on the pride homeowners have in their homes improved with our products.”

Ceramic Industries has extensive design capabilities that researches international trends and develops innovative styles in their in-house studio. This means South Africans have easy access to world-class, contemporary design and a brand that can be trusted when it comes to style.

As “creators of style”, Ceramic Industries is well positioned to capture the imagination of the public. What’s more, it reaffirms the sense of purpose and identity the designers, engineers and artisans at the company have. “We have a new tag line, but really we’ve always been focused on innovation and style. That’ll never change,” says Foxcroft.

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Ceramic Industries
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Website: www.ceramic.co.za

Caption: A feature wall with Poetry Smoke 200 x 200mm ceramic wall tiles.

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