There’s an art to developing adhesives

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe art to develope adhesives Jnl 5 16

When iTe Products develops their adhesives they focus on every little detail to create a successful product.

Flooring adhesives need to display several unique characteristics. They need to be functional, fit for purpose, cost-effective, be able to perform under varying conditions and applied using different techniques by people with diverse levels of skill.

Even though installers consider adhesives a necessity, they become frustrated with the costs involved in the installation process. However, professional flooring contractors realise the importance of adhesives to prevent installation failures. Too often the wrong adhesive is used in the wrong application, or the right adhesive is used incorrectly, or too little adhesive is used to keep costs down, and so the list goes on.

Being acutely aware of these challenges, iTe Products examines each application and focuses their attention on developing each adhesive to ensure compliance with a particular floorcoverings’ requirements. Once they have achieved these critical features, they focus on the compatibility with the next component, which is the screed. It is important to consider the physical conditions that the product will encounter and the unique needs of the applicator.

Consequently, iTe develops adhesives that are safe for the applicator, safe for the building owner, safe for the environment and will function as promised. All iTe PRODUCTS’ adhesives, GRIPiTe V10, V30, V50 etc. are free from solvents, considered green, contain anti-bacterial agents, and are guaranteed not to fail when use as directed.

iTe Products’ adhesives are also designed to work individually or as part of their product systems to ensure a fully integrated approach with their LEVELiTe self-levellers and VAPORiTe moisture barriers.

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