An all-in-one roofing solution

by Darren
An all in one roofing solutions BUILDERS

Ever wondered how a Builders truss plant operates? Builders answers some frequently asked questions about its truss plant offering.

Offering a complete roofing solution for any project, big or small, Builders has 14 truss plants located across the country to serve the building industry.

Builders has been involved in roofing manufacturing since it acquired Federated Timbers in 2005. Recognising that the industry wasn’t very organised with many fly-by-night manufactures and installers around, the company saw an opportunity to do it properly.

Instead of just offering trusses, Builders has put together a complete package to spare clients having to deal with multiple suppliers.

How does it work?
Builders’ all-in-one service is aimed at helping its clients with any roofing requirements. From giving advice and providing a free quotation service to finalising the design requirements and delivering all roofing materials to site, Builders will manage the whole process.

The service includes engineering support, site measurement and on-site assistance, all fixings and brackets, underlays, boarding, waterproofing materials, fascia- and bargeboards and a range of coverings.

To arrange for a quotation, simply phone the nearest Builders branch or use the contact centre number.

How will this service save time and money?
By supplying the full basket from bricks to roof, Builders has buying power in the industry. Coupled with its in-house design service, this allows the company to deliver a competitive quote when compared to other providers.

There is also quality control across the board, from materials to the finished product, which limits amendments or repairs down the line and avoids unexpected costs. Builders further offers interest-free accounts to qualifying customers.

In addition, Builders strives for a fast turnaround time, realising that building contractors often have stringent deadlines and recognising that some don’t plan ahead and are always looking for the roof “yesterday”.

To find out more about Builders’ designed, engineered and manufactured roofs, visit a Builders store or go to www.builders.co.za.

Tel: 0860 284 533
Website: www.builders.co.za

“A roof is the biggest individual sale when building a house. Not the biggest spend, but the biggest single invoice.”

Caption: Builders offers an all-in-one roofing solution, from precision truss manufacturing to the installation and covering of trusses.

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