Ampath opts for modular rooftop garden

by Darren
Ampath opts for modular

GreenSquared’s R3 planter ticked all the boxes in terms of the client’s requirements.


GreenSquared has supplied and installed 220m² of modular R3 planters for a roof planting project at the Ampath building in Bellville, Cape Town, designed by DG Architects in Pretoria.

According to Erich Mulder from GreenSquared, the R3 planter was selected not so much for the usual advantages of the modular approach, but more specifically because of its excellent drainage qualities.

The elevated drain holes allow for ample airflow underneath the planter. Tiny hair roots growing through the drain holes get exposed to the warm air and dry out. The planter in other words, forms an additional root barrier.
The client also preferred a surface irrigation system.  The R3 planter can accommodate different irrigation systems ranging from a dripper system to a surface sprinkler system.

Another benefit of the planter is the continuous layer of soil across the installation. Water, nutrients and micro-organisms spread between planters. The planters are sub-terrain with no UV exposure which results in a long lasting system.

Because the depth of the soil can be adjusted to accommodate the plant selection, a fynbos garden needing 300mm of soil was chosen.

“The simplicity of installation and the system’s versatility ensured that the project was installed quickly and effectively,” Mulder adds.

The R3 planter is ideal for all rooftop garden applications and opens up different design possibilities.

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