Domotex awarded Amorim Cork Composites the Green Collection Award, highlighting the high environmental sustainability of Go4Cork Plus underlayment from Amorim.

Go4Cork Plus

Go4Cork Plus underlayment, supplied by Amorim Cork Composites – Corticeira Amorim’s business unit that develops products, solutions, and applications for some of the world’s most sophisticated activities – was distinguished at the Green Collection Awards.

The award was attributed by the organisers of Domotex, featuring the best practices in eco-friendly products, healthy products, social responsibility, and sustainable production.

Environmentally friendly

This award confirms Amorim Cork Composites’ daily commitment to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Their products adhere to the high technical performance requirements of a market as competitive as the flooring sector.


The cork-based Go4Cork Plus underlayment supplied by Amorim is a sustainable choice and uses 100% natural, reusable and recyclable raw material. The lifecycle assessment confirmed the underlayment’s carbon balance of -8,1kg CO2 eq/m², promoting carbon sequestration in the cork-oak forest that is greater than the CO2 emissions resulting from its production.

Technical performance

The underlayment also stands out for its technical performance, with its great durability compared to 100% synthetic solutions.

Two tests were conducted by Amorim Cork Composites, namely the Dynamic Load Test and the Creep Test. These tests confirmed that cork-based underlayments are the best option in guaranteeing the performance and durability of a floor over an extended period, compared to foam-based solutions.

The initial characteristics of the underlayment and the floor can be maintained for much longer through the usage of cork. It also guarantees a perfect balance between high performance and environmental sustainability.

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