D-Stona, available from Amari Trading, is a high-quality engineered marble with limestone as the major component, engineered to transform a building’s interiors to a new level of luxury. D-Stona is ideal to use in refurbishment projects and adds a whole new dimension to interior décor with its diverse range, as proven in the refurbishment of Xilumani Hotel in Giyani, Limpopo.

Diverse and environmentally friendly

D-Stona is a popular choice amongst architects, developers and interior designers with its flat sheets or beautiful mouldings in various marble and wooden textures, which can be applied on pillars, room walls, fireplaces, ceilings, storage units and tables. Especially with the increased demand for natural resources, environmental degradation is sped up. D-Stona helps to save nature and takes a building’s interior to the next level of luxury.

A fresh look

The new owner wanted a fresh look for the hotel and opted for Amari General Trading D-Stona’s Marble 03 and Statuturio sheets, which were used for wall cladding with a total installation area of 300m². The client used the sheets on half of the wall to blend in with the old walls, thus keeping the same feeling but adding a new, fresh twist.

Facing the future

With natural resources being drained and many companies and clients having a retake on how things must be done in future projects, D-Stona is the answer as it is environmentally friendly and trendy, adding that new look to something old.

Top tip

D-Stona Marble is ideal to add an environmentally friendly twist to refurbishments.

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