Aluminium made to keep you safe

by Madelein
Aluminium made to keep you safe

South Africa’s crime rate is amongst the highest in the world, with the need for heightened security woven into the fabric of our lives. This presents a unique challenge for homeowners, architects and developers alike when developing buildings that are not only beautifully designed, but also cater for this very aspect of safety.

Often security budgets typically allow for chunky burglar bars to the interior/exterior of glass openings, alarm systems connected to boundary beams and opening sensors to alert armed response.

Elegant safety solutions

With the safety solutions, comfort and elegance of Reynaers Aluminium there is no need to compromise aesthetics at the expense of security, thanks to Concept System 77 – a high-insulating window and door system that meets elevated requirements regarding security, stability and thermal insulation.

Not only has it achieved the Swiss Minergie component label for its impressive insulation, but it is also available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 and 3) – making CS77 an extremely secure system, without the visual obstruction of burglar bars.

Moreover, the bulletproof variant (CS77-BP) is an extension that offers bulletproof elements according to the most severe European standards, with a range of solutions for classifications FB3 up to FB6, FSG and Kalashnikov – ideal for high-profile individuals or public buildings.

Contact Reynaers Aluminium South Africa for a consultation on how their safety solutions can cater to your project requirements.

For more information, contact Reynaers Aluminium:
Tel: +27 64 9079563
Email: bianca.simoes@reynaers.com
Website: www.reynaers.co.za

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