Alternate shuttering options

by Darren
Kform Jnl 5 15

A lightweight and durable, fully recyclable shuttering system that is economical and efficient.

“K-Form offers the construction industry a 100% recycled UPVC formwork and levelling system for concrete surface beds and paths. I firmly believe that we offer revolutionary and efficient shuttering that saves both time and money,” says Toni Reid from K-Form South Africa.

K-Form offers a UPVC lightweight sacrificial rail incorporating a control/construction/ isolation joint that ensure the horizontal joint face is aligned each and every time. Their UPVC is sourced from double-glazed frames diverted from landfills, making K-Form a completely recycled product that maintains the same UV satiability as the original frame.

They support screeds and surface beds from 50-250mm. No specialist tools are required when laying K-Form; however, levelling the screed rails with a rubber mallet is suggested. Unlike foam or fibre expansion-joint materials, K-Form is resistant to fuel, making it suitable for forming concrete slabs at filling stations, industrial sites and agricultural applications. When pouring K-Form it stays in place without backfilling or holding stakes and will not shift side to side or tip over. As such, their product offerings demonstrate a unique and innovative approach that continues to serve the needs of the construction industry.

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