Almost 20 materials in one chair

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Almost 20 materials in one chair BASF

BASF, in collaboration with ITO Design and Interstuhl, has developed a multi-functional chair design for modern office environments.

Designed for modern office environments, the TeamUP Chair’s ergonomics and multi-functionality are setting high standards with new materials from BASF enhancing comfort and flexibility, and reducing weight.

It is an ad-hoc micro workplace that brings people together, but can also facilitate concentrated solo working. TeamUP combines the mobility and functionality of a conference chair with the comfort of an armchair and the atmosphere of a private room.

The idea
The concept came from ITO Design, who won the BASF designfabrik® competition, to develop a new type of chair that measured up to the ongoing changes in the office environment.

The chief executive officer of ITO Design, Armin Sander, notes that the key to future success will be adaptable office environments that promote collaboration. “These environments will be highly mobile and will function like a living organism, moving constantly and adjusting smoothly to changing requirements. When developing the TeamUP concept, our main focus therefore lay on three areas: Teamwork, learning and social contact.”

BASF and ITO Design then also got Interstuhl on board, a renowned office furniture manufacturer with German-based development and production that is known for its unusual, intelligent office furniture solutions.

The design
Many of the positive qualities of the TeamUP Chair stem directly from the choice of almost 20 different BASF materials, which played an important role in the development of the design.

Made from a combination of Ultramid® and Ultraform®, and coated with Elasturan® polyurethane cast elastomer, the wheels have a perfect balance of smoothness and friction on a wide range of floor surfaces.

Cushions on the TeamUP Chair are made of CosyPUR® and Elastoflex® W, two polyurethane foams that ensure a maximum absorption of pressure and comfortable padding. Both foams can be made in a range of different hardness grades.

The bracket for the writing tablet consist of Ultramid® Structure LFX, a high-performance polyamide with long glass fibre reinforcement that can substitute metal in a large range of uses.

The tablet itself can be manufactured either from Ultramid®, coated with Elastollan® for a soft touch surface, or from Ultramid® SI. This novel surface polyamide can also be found in the frame of the TeamUP Chair. It combines the typical technical qualities of a polyamide with a sophisticated surface look, thus meeting the toughest demands of furniture makers.

The midsection and seat contain Acrodur®, a formaldehyde-free, water-based acrylate resin. The valureTM coating lends a sophisticated feel to the seat and rear section of the chair, while allowing for a virtually unlimited choice of colours and forms.

Calculations for crucial components such as the frame, including the seat, writing tablet and tablet bracket, were made by BASF’ Ultrasim® experts to ensure optimum use of components and moulds.

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Caption: The TeamUP Chair is highly mobile and adaptable, and can bring people together to facilitate collaboration.

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