All around flooring solutions

by Madelein
All around flooring solutions

Sika boasts a solution for every flooring problem. A wonderful demonstration of this was how the brand tackled the repair of the new bottling and storage area at Graham Beck Wine Estate, located in the Breede River Valley near the town of Robertson.

Shortly after construction came to a close, Beck noticed severe settlement cracking in the concrete floors and turned to Sika for assistance.

The repairs began with Sikadur*-52 ZA – a two-part, low-viscosity, injection-liquid based on high strength epoxy resins. The product was used to fill and seal the cracks in the concrete floors. After a 3 to 4 month wait, Sikafloor*-161, a two-part, low-viscosity epoxy resin, was applied to the floors as a primer before Sika PurCem* flooring system could be placed on top.

Sikafloor-21N PurCem is a multi-component, medium to high strength coloured polyurethane modified cement and aggregate screed with self-smoothing properties, ideally recommended for use in light to medium traffic areas. It provides medium-level slip resistance when applied at a 4mm thickness, as it was in this particular project. Sikafloor-20N PurCem was also used for the medium to high traffic areas – another celebrated product best known for its superior slip resistance.

Finally, to end the project off and solidify a job well done, Sikaflex Pro-3 i-Cure, an elastic joint sealant, was used to seal all the connection joints.

The final result? Floors that are sure to stand the test of time.

For more information, contact Sika on Tel: +27 (31) 792 6500 or visit www.sika.co.za.

*Sikadur, Sikafloor and PurCem are registered trademarks

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