All About Adhesives

by Darren
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A range of adhesive products that performs to specific needs and requirements.

Adhesives can be viewed as the unsung heroes of the flooring trade – get it wrong and the job will fail, but get it right and a smooth, trouble-free installation can be achieved.

A range of adhesives for all types of floorcoverings is produced by Smoothedge; however, product selection is critical.

Firstly, consider the floorcovering itself, then the condition of the subfloor, as factors such as ambient temperature, site regulations pertaining to VOCs and time available for the installation will affect the choice of adhesive used. How the chosen adhesive will be applied is another key element.

If there is excessive dust on the subfloor, Smoothedge recommends applying bonding liquid, which will suppress the dust and add strength to the subfloor. If uncertainties arise when considering the correct notched trowel for the application, it is advised to contact Smoothedge directly. When applying the adhesive, an even spread needs to be achieved to prevent bubbles from forming in missed areas.

Depending on weather conditions, any adhesive need to flash or cure. Once it has cured, it’s essential that the floorcovering is rolled with a heavy roller, which ensures that the adhesive is transferred from the floor to the floorcovering.

Smoothedge offers various adhesives, each with its own properties and suitable applications: Monogrip and Acrytac are suitable for most carpet and vinyl sheet applications. Both are acrylic adhesives that need to be applied using a notched trowel, with the notch size dependent on the floorcovering being used.

Supertac is stronger and suitable for modern LVT products. It is also the ideal adhesive for hard-to-stick needle-punch products while offering an excellent spread rate with strong grab characteristics.

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