Main image: The Cromatica Project – Glass doors: Glas Italia, Italia Flooring: Parquet, Noce europeo Mardegan ©Serena Eller Vainicher

STUDIOTAMAT has transformed a 160m² apartment in the Parioli district of Rome, seamlessly marrying the interior and exterior. Located on the top floor of a 1930s building overlooking Villa Ada, this apartment has undergone a magical metamorphosis.

Morphed into a fluid environment

“The owners wanted a house in which they can live every season, with open, flexible spaces to be enjoyed without interruption,” says Matteo Soddu, co-founder of the studio.

Wall tiles: Palazzo Morelli, Green Guatemala, l’Emperador Brown and il Travertino red, yellow and chestnut Cabinet: Cielo, ©Serena Eller Vainicher

The apartment now sports a large convivial space, flooded with natural light, and has a large 100m² garden terrace. The apartment is developed into a C-shape, with direct contact with the outdoor space and various small rooms distributed over a long corridor.

The fluid environment breathes life into a contemporary layout that amplifies the possibility of the use of different environments.

Bold colour choices for “Cromatica”

The design is guided by the visual permeability between ambiances, the direct relationship between interiors and exteriors, and the bold use of colour that has inspired the project named Cromatica.

A terracotta floor is used throughout the apartment. All shutters have been abolished to maximise natural light. The apartment has a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, with neutral tones on the walls and simple linear furnishings to promote relaxation.

An airy gallery of about 8 metres in length, with two large French windows, is designed as an indoor greenhouse that houses various species of plants.

Flooring: Cotto Etrusco Full-height sliding door coating: Nobilis wallpaper, Sisal ©Serena Eller Vainicher

A flush door conceals the bathroom, covered with handmade white terracotta rhombuses, alternating with different types of marble such as Verde Guatemala, Emperador Brown and the red, yellow and walnut travertine of Palazzo Morelli.

Flooring, glass and steel

The change of flooring defines the different areas of the room: The walnut parquet emphasises the more convivial central band, dominated by the fireplace completely covered in zellige in the same shade as the wall. In the dining area, there is a large Sherazade sliding glass door that leads into a spacious kitchen, characterised by a central steel island and a linear hob with opal glass wall units.

The living room, a prelude to the outdoor terrace, sports amber coloured walls and an Umbrian terracotta floor which are illuminated to give the terrace a metaphysical atmosphere – in contrast to the interiors, where the mix of colours brings a highly energetic impulse to the rooms.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to www.studiotamat.comfor the information in this editorial.

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