With an increased focus on energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, highly rated windows are now invariably specified and new products and practices need to comply with standards such as SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204, which stipulate the maximum permissible air leakage for windows and doors.
The problem of uncontrolled air leakage via facade or fenestration results in heat loss and gain, thus significantly reducing the energy performance of the building. To ensure compliancy, FG Trading, in partnership with Tremco illbruck, offers a range of products for the perimeter sealing of windows complemented by high-quality installation.

The state-of-the-art i3 window sealing system keeps weather out, whilst securing comfort inside and energy savings. It incorporates a choice of products to effectively seal on three levels: Weather-tight externally (but vapour-permeable), air-tight internally, with a thermal and acoustic insulation layer in-between.

How it works
Proper sealing is an effective interaction of the external, intermediate and internal sealing levels based on the principle of “inside tighter than outside”. The illbruck i3 system further prohibits warm internal air penetrating the joint and forming condensation, a problem which can reduce thermal insulation, cause mould to form and damage to building components.

This innovative system conforms to the highest standard and will restrict air leakage to below 1m³/hr.m² @50Pa, ensuring compliance with Code Level 6 and Passive House standards.

The illbruck i3 system:
•    Exceeds 600Pa driving rain tightness, per DIN EN 1027 and DIN 18542.
•    Effectively fills and insulates the window joint seal.
•    Is airtight to United Kingdom (UK) Building Regulations and DIN 18542 & DIN EN 1026.
•    Meets Passive House air tightness requirements.

The i3 system and its individual components are BBA-approved and it comes with a ten-year guarantee for the performance of the joints.

By selecting appropriate products, various combinations can be created to suit the installation situation. This modern sealing technology provides a simple solution that aims to benefit building owners and occupants for years to come by providing long-term energy savings.

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Captions main image: FM230 Pro Foam Window (left) and
ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membrane (right)