Airports to be built in Africa

by Tania Wannenburg
Airports to be built

New airport infrastructure projects are on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa.

The number of airport infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa has increased significantly over recent months, according to Africa Project Access.

The consultancy has detected 25 new greenfields and brownfields airport projects for sub-Saharan Africa, outside South Africa, in the period from January to August this year.

“In 2013, the larger airports in sub-Saharan Africa (over one million passengers per annum) handled approximately 56 million passengers. Although about half of this total was for South African airports, there has been a sharp rise in passenger and cargo handling at airports outside South Africa,” says Paul Runge, managing director of Africa Project Access.

In addition, the African Airlines Association indicates that the total global freight carried by African airlines has increased substantially and is nearing the one billion ton mark.  

“This interesting development is multi-focused and pertains to new planned international airports, expansion and rehabilitation of existing airports and a new focus on regional and provincial airports,” states Runge. “Airports are being converted into commercial hubs, including retail outlets and hotels. The Aeroropolis Project connected to OR Tambo International Airport is a good example,” he illustrates.  

Africa Project Access
Tel: 011 564 67700
Website: www.africaprojectaccess.co.za

New projects:
•    Planned greenfield projects: 9.
•    Expansion, brownfields projects (airport infrastructure and linked commercial property development): 16.
These relate to:
•    Major international airports: 9.
•    Smaller and regional airports: 16.

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