Air cleaner contains dust & reduces labour

by Tania Wannenburg
Mactool Air Cleaner Jnl 3 16

New air cleaner helps to contain dust as soon as it settles & minimise labour spent on sweeping.

The Pullman Ermator A1000 Air Cleaner was recently launched by Mactool and is ideal for use on job sites where dust containment is critical.

This unit cleans the dust out of the air using a H13 Hepa Filter, which also meets asbestos requirements. Each Hepa filter is individually tested and is certified in correspondence to the machine’s air flow. The A1000 is ideal for use in shopping malls and houses where dust needs to be contained safely. The A1000 has an airflow rate of 1000m²/hour and functions ideally in a space of up to 150m².

When removing floorcoverings or sanding floors and walls, the A1000 air cleaner will help to enclose the dust and provide a safe working environment. It will also prevent dust from moving between rooms or from moving between shops in a shopping mall. Not only will this machine control air borne dust, which is critical for one’s health and safety, but it will also reduce labour spent on cleaning dust from floors, shelves, racks, counters etc., as soon as it settles.

By collecting the airborne dust with the A1000 air cleaner and vacuuming up the remaining dust and debris off the floor with vacuums as opposed to sweeping it up, air quality is optimally controlled.

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