After Brexit, architects need to be recognised across borders

by Madelein
After Brexit, architects need to be recognised across borders

“The UK’s international competitiveness relies on UK firms attracting and retaining the most talented staff from across Europe,” said a report published by the Creative Industries Federation in January 2018. According to member firms who were polled, the competitiveness of British building design practices would be damaged if it became harder for staff from the EU to work in Britain.

One in five of the companies polled also said they would consider moving their companies abroad if no mitigating deal was struck. In the report, ministers were urged to ensure that architects’ qualifications are recognised across borders after Brexit.

“This will enable easier access to those markets for UK-qualified architects, but also ensure that the UK has access to global talent,” read the report.

John Kampfner, CIF chief executive, said their trade report shows just how crucial the creative industries are to the British economy and also highlights the very real anxiety within the sector about a “no deal” Brexit outcome.

“We urge the government to look at our recommendations and ensure the creative industries are a top priority on its negotiating agenda,” said John.

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