In African culture, homes and gardens formed organic integrity, following the principle of connecting harmony with nature.

The African Hospital Concept is a concept proposed by Kefilwe Motsie, an architect from Botswana who just completed her masters in architecture at North China University of Technology and now busy with her MBA.

Tswana culture plays a major role in the design process of the African Hospital Concept, as Moshikou is a historical area and many residents still uphold and value their culture.

Concept design

The green space provides a walkable community that ensures that seniors can use amenities that they are accustomed to within walking distance, through safe pedestrian access. There will be common space for residential apartments with a kindergarten, nursing home and a beautiful roof plaza.

Senior living design summary

The African Hospital Concept will allow social interactions where people can be in touch with old friends and the ability to even move in with friends, allowing interactions with different generations. Public spaces will be provided for social activities as well as spiritual support.

The living environment will be safe and senior care provided. Elderly care services, such as medical and nursing care, continuing care for the elderly, emergency systems and fitness, and accessible public restrooms will be available.

Community services will include dining, entertainment and commercial businesses and shops.

Each function will have distinguished entrances and be connected to the rest by bridges, ramps, stairs, terraces and a roof plaza. In addition, there are various connections with surrounding buildings of the site by underpass of Moshikou Road.

The African Hospital Concept could be an interesting take on healthcare design in Africa.

For more information, contact Kefilwe Motsie:
Tel: +861 851 446 6928

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