Affordable, strong and eco-friendly hardwood windows

by Darren
affordable strong and eco friendly

Swartland’s Kayo pre-sealed and pre-glazed hardwood windows are breaking new ground to offer a combination of quality and value for money.


Building within a tight budget does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on quality, beauty or being able to do your bit for the environment.

Cobus Lourens from wooden window and door manufacturer, Swartland, says that the company’s newest Kayo pre-sealed and pre-glazed hardwood windows are breaking new ground to offer a combination of quality and value for money.

“This range offers the construction industry a unique proposition that has been designed to increase the overall build quality of budget builds, as well as to save construction companies time and money on installation and finishing,” he states.

A cut above the rest

Before they leave the factory, the new Kayo hardwood windows are pre-sealed with Swartland’s German-engineered Maxicare water-based sealant, which protects them from the elements when they arrive on site. This means that the windows don’t have to be primed or painted once they are installed.

They are also pre-glazed with 3mm glass before they leave the factory. The 3mm glazing and the new polyethylene weather seals help to better insulate the windows – keeping dust and drafts out and the heat in. Improved fixing lugs have been added to make installation easier.

Supreme durability

The windows have been manufactured with superior hardwood that has been specially kiln-dried in Swartland’s computer-operated kilns so that it boasts an exact moisture content of 8%. “The 8% moisture content of our hardwood helps to minimise any natural movement and it ensures that the wood is able to withstand our unique African weather conditions,” explains Lourens.

The new range also boasts thicker mullions to provide added strength and stability. Furthermore, Swartland offers a full three-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all the windows from this range.

A low maintenance solution

Maintenance is as simple and effortless as wash and wipe, thanks to the Maxicare sealant. Lourens says: “Gone are the days when you needed to laboriously sand wooden windows down in order to maintain them.”

The Maxicare water-based sealant offers a unique concentrate maintenance kit that allows you to restore the timber windows to their original state – simply wash down with water, apply the cleaning agent and remove, and then apply the protective emulsion to seal any fine cracks or blemishes.

A green building option

Made from superior hardwood that is harvested from sustainably managed forests, the new range is an environmentally sustainable choice. Compared to alternative building materials, the manufacturing of wooden building products produces less air and water pollution, requires less energy across its lifecycle and generates less CO₂ emissions. It is also entirely biodegradable at the end of its life cycle, which further decreases it carbon footprint.


The new Kayo pre-sealed and pre-glazed range of windows is fully compliant with the necessary National Building Regulations and SANS 613.

The range has been tested for deflection, structural strength, water-resistance, air-tightness, operating forces and energy-efficiency. As a result, the new Kayo range of pre-sealed and pre-glazed hardwood windows have A1 mechanical property values assigned to them.

Tel: 011 671 0400
Website: www.swartland.co.za

New Kayo range of hardwood windows ticks all the boxes:
• Pre-glazed and pre-sealed
• Only 8% moisture content
• Environmentally sustainable
• Compliant with National Building Regulations and SANS 613

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