Advances in technology elevate paint beyond coatings

by Madelein
Advances in technology elevate paint beyond coatings

Ongoing research and development on the part of paint manufacturers have generated revolutionary advancements. Paint no longer merely adds colour to your interior or protects the exterior from the elements – now, paint can also help you breathe more easily, or help you harvest rainwater safely.

“Plascon has continuously reinvented its coatings over a period of 130 years. We remain at the forefront of innovation due to cutting-edge technological developments. Over many decades, we have launched numerous trademarked technologies and special additives into the South African market. We have done this not only to improve our customer experience, but also because the new technologies are better for both people and the planet,” comments Suvasin Moodley, Plascon’s head of marketing.

The company also benefits from global insights and advances via its parent company, Kansai Paint, which is one of the world’s largest, with interests in Japan, India and Africa.

Plascon’s research and development have taken paint from an ordinary coating to a high-performing, technological advanced product, offering a range of consumer and environmental benefits. Just think what the future will offer.

For more information, visit www.plascon.com.

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