Cleaning can be a nightmare, especially if the right equipment has not been scoped for the job at hand.

Industrial floor cleaning requires specialist equipment and products, and for many years one of the leading suppliers of these have been internationally renowned Kärcher. This leading company’s ethos is clear – they want to make everyday life simpler, better and more pleasant with powerful, efficient and German engineered cleaning solutions.

Kärcher’s philosophy results in solutions with convincing performance, quality and handling that are one step ahead of the market, as cleanliness is at the core of why they are in business.

World-class scrubber dryers

Their latest range of industrial floor scrubber dryers offer cost-effective and innovative solutions to many of the large industries’ cleaning needs.

Whether it’s a small business, pub or restaurant, a supermarket, shopping centre or an exceptionally large surface in a hospital or airport, Kärcher’s range of scrubber dryers have been designed to offer the most efficient cleaning solution for all floors, whether they are 30 or 30 000m² in size.

The benefits compared against traditional cleaning methods

Using a mop and bucket to clean may seem quick, easy and low cost but when compared to a Kärcher floor scrubber or sweeper the winner is clear. The Kärcher floorcare range not only outperforms when it comes to drying time but when cleaning time and results are compared, there is a noticeable difference.

Compared to manual cleaning, scrubber dryers reduce work and material costs yet increase cleaning quality at the same time. Here we demonstrate how Kärcher products increase cleaning quality and saves time when compare against an industrial mop when cleaning the surface area of a rugby field.

Which scrubber dryer for which floor?

Scrubber dryers are like cars – they all work the same, yet not every model is suited to each area of application. Thanks to different designs, sizes, brush head systems and drive technologies, it is quite easy to find a machine that exactly matches your individual requirements.

1. A scrubber dryer with a roller brush head is especially suitable for extensive deep cleaning of structured and heavily soiled floors thanks to its high brush speeds and a higher contact pressure per cm². This brush head technology also offers substantial advantages when dealing with coarse dirt as the contra-rotating rollers absorb the particles, which are then fed back into the coarse dirt container. This means that pre-sweeping as a previous work step is no longer needed.

2. Scrubber dryers with disc brush heads are generally used for maintenance cleaning and light soiling. These floor cleaning machines are especially popular for smooth floors and noise-sensitive areas, such as in hospitals or the hotel and gastronomy sector.

So which scrubber dryer is the right one?

Available in different sizes and with many configuration options for a wide range of applications, their specially developed accessories help to do more than just clean. Further special cleaning solutions and simpler scrubbers complete their range.

• Compact/push scrubber driers

Developed for the fast and flexible cleaning of small to medium-sized areas like in restaurants, shops, kitchens, hotels and other highly frequented areas that are heavily-furnished.

• Walk-behind scrubber driers

Walk-behind scrubber driers are perfect for efficient cleaning on medium-sized areas, such as in retail, swimming pools, halls, as well as corridors and aisles and on floors of many facilities.

• Ride-on/step-on scrubber driers

The ideal choice for cleaning large, sparsely furnished areas, such as in warehouses and production halls, shopping centres, car parks or airports. Here you also find their combined sweeper/scrubber drier machines.

• Other cleaning solutions

These include single-disc and polishing machines for hard surface maintenance and solutions for very demanding cleaning tasks like on stairs or escalators.

For more information on these and other innovative cleaning solutions, contact Kärcher:
Tel: +27 11 657 7300

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