As a leading industrial and commercial flooring specialist, Technical Finishes, is perfectly positioned to be the sole supplier of Belgium-based Convergent Group’s range of Nano-Lithium treatment and enhancement products for concrete flooring.

Flooring range to withstand the toughest conditions

The Convergent Group’s range of advanced floor care solutions has been designed to meet industrial and commercial needs for concrete flooring that can withstand the toughest conditions and wear and tear.

Patented nano-lithium technology offers high-performance, fast-acting, quick-curing treatments for high strength, high gloss industrial concrete flooring with extended durability.


Technical Finishes’ products offer maximum density, hardness, breathability, water and abrasion resistance.

  • Pentra-Sil (HD+C) – water-based membrane hardener, densifier and curing agent
  • Pentra-Sil (NL) – nano-lithium hardener, sealer and densifier for maximum hardness
  • Pentra-Sil (244+)– hardener, sealer, and densifier with superior salt protection
  • Pentra Guard (HP) – high performance surface hardener and high reflection clear coat sealer
  • Pentra Protective Stain (PPS/HG) – high gloss coloured stain and surface hardener for any concrete flooring
  • Pentra Sil (PFC) – nano-lithium sealer, pore and crack filler for superior restorative treatment

By partnering with the Convergent Group, Technical Finishes continues its mission to supply the latest in superior custom and tailor-made flooring solutions, products and services – for all industrial, commercial and residential development applications.

For more information, contact Technical Finishes:
Tel: +27 11 822 7242

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