Advanced adhesive offers a range of benefits

by Darren
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A new-generation quality adhesive offers many benefits that will ideally service the flooring industry.

Owing to the fact that it is a high-grip, strong *MS Polymer adhesive, Den Braven High Tack claims to be ideal for civil, industrial engineering and DIY use.

*MS Polymer is a new generation of solvent- and isocyanate-free sealants. As such, High Tack is a heavyweight adhesive with high initial adhesion power. It is also UV- and water-resistant, odourless, low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free of silicone and isocyanides. The product conforms to SA Green Building Council standards.

In addition, High Tack adheres to many substrates such as natural stone, windowsills, mirrors, glass and glazed surfaces, coated metals, steel and finished wood. As High Tack is non-corrosive, it is compatible with most metals.

Method of Application:

All important is that surfaces must be clean, dry, flat and sound. A heavy-duty sealant applicator has to be used for extrusion. High Tack should be applied in vertical lines that are evenly spaced, approximately 8-10 mm apart, from edge to edge on the substrate.

Once this has been done, High Tack needs to be stuck down onto the surface, held down and pressed for a few minutes in position – it will adhere immediately. A full cure can be expected after 24 hours.

Den Braven High Tack can be used for adhesion to flat substrates of up to 20 kg with no mechanical fixing required. It is advisable to always assess suitability prior to application, as High Tack forms a durable bond after approximately 24 hours.

It is available in 290 ml recyclable cartridges. Applicators are available from Den Braven.

For more information visit www.denbraven.co.za

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