A new range of admixtures from CHRYSO will further support South African contractors in their efforts to transition towards a low-carbon economy.

The new CHRYSO® EnviroMix range of tailor-made admixtures allows for reduced environmental impact from concrete mix designs. While CHRYSO® EnviroMix delivers a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 50%, CHRYSO® EnviroMix ULC (Ultra Low-Carbon) can achieve reductions of even more than 50% in the carbon footprint of concrete.

A key feature of this admixture range is that it allows better utilisation of mixes that incorporate high volumes of pozzolans such as fly ash. It is able to achieve this while still ensuring superior levels of technical performance. Among other important benefits are an improved quality of concrete – due to a lower water-cement ratio for a given workability – and increased early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths.

As part of this offering, CHRYSO also supplies customers with dedicated services such as EnviroMix® Impact. This allows the environmental impact of a concrete mix design to be calculated, so that formulation strategy can be set up for the customer to meet their specific carbon-reduction targets. CHRYSO also offers a digital solution for real-time monitoring of CHRYSO® Maturix concretes, which provides on-site concrete temperature, strength and maturity, humidity and climate monitoring.

The last 15 years has seen CHRYSO strengthening its expertise in the field of concrete admixtures with low-carbon impact. The innovative technology in the company’s portfolio of cement additives underpins its specialist knowledge in the chemistry of new low-carbon cements. Its solutions are based on many scientific collaborations and industrial partnerships, reinforcing its expertise in these new binders including geopolymers and calcined clay cements.

The CHRYSO® EnviroMix range also provides superior finishability, while improving surface quality and reducing cracking potential. The admixtures provide better workability and pumpability of concrete, as well as ease of placement and consolidation.

Through these innovations, CHRYSO is developing solutions that produce the cements of tomorrow, as industry stakeholders search for technological opportunities to forge a low-carbon future.

For more information, contact CHRYSO SA:
Tel: + 27 11 306 9000
Website: za.chryso.com

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