The main goal of Italprofili’s systems for raised floors is to simplify the construction of a structure, making it even more efficient and performing. For this reason, they have studied some ranges of adjustable paving supports that are simple, modular and versatile, leaving ample room for the designer’s creativity.

Easy to lay and always adjustable, even when the work is finished, their paving supports are made with the best raw materials, which make them robust, safe and long-lasting.

The ranges available:

  • Dual System Evolution: The first joist system suitable for use with ceramic and decking flooring. The joist is available in two variations: 15mm or 25mm thickness.
  • Special: Adjustable paving support systems with a self-levelling head, designed to give strong and robust support for raised floors for exteriors.
  • Special Light: Adjustable paving support with a fixed head for raised floors for exteriors, which can be used with a wide range of different types of paving.
  • Fixed paving supports: Italprofili fixed supports resolve problems regarding the installation of a paving system quickly and efficiently. The support consists of a high-resistance base, which is placed directly into the waterproofing cap sheet, after which the paving slabs are placed directly onto the support without the use of concrete or adhesives.

Now available: Special Evo paving support systems

Modular, functional and versatile

Adjustable Special Evo support systems are designed to give strong and self-levelling support for raised floors for exteriors. They can be used with different types of flooring such as prefabricated slabs, porcelain, marble, stone, wood and composite wood. They are equipped with an innovative self-levelling system to allow stability in the laying of flooring.

They are quick and easy to regulate, thanks to the regulating key or to the rotation of the base due to the new locking head system. The material used for producing the Special Evo adjustable supports is polypropylene and additives, to ensure long durability and increase load capacity.

Advantages of Italprofili paving supports

  • Load capacity: Strong and safe structure.
  • Insulation: Interspace between the laying surface and finished floor allows constant ventilation, reduces thermal changes and provides insulation.
  • Maintenance: Pipes and plants between the floor and ground can be easily accessed by lifting a portion of the floor.
  • Correction of existing slopes: The regulation after laying allows the correct slight differences in level effectively.
  • Contained weight: Raised floors are made without the addition of concrete screeds containing the weight and supporting the environment.
  • Durable materials: High-quality polypropylene is used for the support.

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